Review: Bodyography Hydrating foundation primer

Being combination-skinned, I initially thought I wouldn’t be the ideal person to trial Bodyography Hydrating Foundation Primer (R495, Placecol stores and but I gave it a bash anyway as I do battle with a dual issue – oiliness and dehydration (yep, you can easily suffer from both) – and I’m very glad I did. I liked that it didn’t feel super silicone-y – it’s texture is more like a rosy-scented moisturising cream with a slight ‘velvety’ slip that you only pick up once it dries.

Once it’s on, applying foundation is a dream. It just glides across your skin and, as the primer gives it something to cling to, it helps it stay the day. It also prevents your foundation from ‘sheering’ out too much without affecting it’s ability to ‘spread’, if that makes sense.

Bodyography Hydrating foundation primer
Bodyography Hydrating foundation primer

Anyway, like I said, I gave it a bash, teaming it with a light moisturiser (Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control moisturiser SPF 30) and foundation (L’Oreal Nutri Lift Gold). As the day went on, I expected my skin to grease up horribly in the T-panel, but surprise, surprise, it didn’t. Sure, I had to blot, but no more so than on any other day.

I’ve since looked at this primer’s ingredients and noticed that it’s mostly a mix of hydrators like water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol (a hydrating fatty alcohol that’s non-drying and totally different to normal alcohol), jojoba oil, Shea butter and texturisers. Sure, it contains silicone, but waaaaay less than the brand’s other primers as its sitting down towards the bottom of the ingredients list. From a formulation point of view, this is a great primer for any skin type – not just a dry one – and an even better win for combo-skinned people like me. In my experience, I’ve found primers that have lots of silicone in them just don’t work with an oily complexion as they might mattify initially, but then start to turn ‘muddy’ as the skin greases up beneath it. The only downside here is that, if you’re using a primer to minimise the look of your pores or fine lines, you’ll find a silicone-riddled one (i.e. not this one) will give you more of that ‘blur-effect’ you’re after.

Can you smell the roses?
This primer’s rosy scent is so pretty and fresh I couldn’t stop smelling my hand after taking this shot.

Other plus points? Bodyography products are cruelty-free and PETA-approved. The brand also likes to add vitamins and antioxidants to their items wherever possible, even if its a colour cosmetic, so you’re getting more skin lovin’ benefits for your buck. In the case of this primer, for example, it contains antioxidant vitamin A and E  that’ll help protect your skin’s natural collagen supply among other things.

It's hard to capture such a subtle difference but the hand on left is 'primed' and its definitely minimised fine dehyration lines.
It’s hard to capture such a subtle difference but the hand on left is ‘primed’ and its definitely minimised fine dehyration lines.

So, in short, if you find that very silicone-y primers aren’t working for you, Bodyography’s is a great one to try, regardless of your skin type.

Love, love


7 thoughts on “Review: Bodyography Hydrating foundation primer

  1. Leigh, I have a dilemma. My foundation makes me look older! Oh, my word! It shows my fine dehydrated fine lines and without foundation, those lines don’t show as much, but I need to use foundation to even out my skin and for a canvas for my make-up. It’s also as if it flakes on my cheeks and forehead. What can I do? Every foundation I use does this. What foundation would you suggest that will actually help me?

      1. Hey-Hey Daaaaalin! I am currently using Estee Lauder. My skin is dehydrated with sensitivity on my cheeks. Also, have blackheads on chin and nose (sorry for that grossness, but dunno if that counts as an oily T-panel)

      2. I haven’t tried the Double Wear BB but see it’s gotten pretty meh reviews on Make-up Alley and Paula Begoun’s criticised its texture. Maybe try a more hydrating foundation? If you look for those that claim to be anti-ageing they’re generally formulated to be creamier and more hydrating to specifically avoid the ‘settling into lines’ issue. Revlon make some good ones and have lots of shade options. If that doesn’t work on its own, add a hydrating primer into the mix. I’m currently loving Bodyography’s as it’ll plump up fine lines and creates a beautifully smooth canvas for foundation to cling to. Let me know if that helps!

  2. Oh, that explains a lot, Leigh. I GENUINELY appreciate you taking the time to help me. I have never really tried a hydrating primer and that might be just what I need to make the difference. I will also most certainly try a more hydrating formula. It makes sense what you say.

    PS: I need to do some business with you for our company. Will send an email.

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