I got a taste of Shimmy Beach’s new summer menu and it’s a winner

Shimmy Beach Club has big plans for you this summer. Aside from a string of parties that they’ve planned, many of which include Goldfish, they’ve also launched their new summer menu and were kind enough to invite me in for a sneaky li’l preview.

Starter-wise, I really enjoyed Shimmy’s red eye robata grilled lamb and rosemary skewers with purple fig (it’s not as sweet as green fig) and tzatziki (R80).

Tender, succulent perfection.
Tenderlicious perfection!

Still, of everything I tasted, the real stand out was the Moody burger (R155), named after the chef who created it. Think bacon-wrapped patty filled with jalapenos and feta topped with avo, tzatsiki and toasted cumin.

Yes please!
Yes please!

Not a meat eater? Their garlic roasted brown mushroom burger, with charred spinach and goats cheese (R155) impressed every vegetarian at the table.

Can we get a yum?
Can we get a yum?

While we didn’t have any at the tasting, it’s worth noting that Shimmy do great pizza too. I had one the other day (piccie below) while on a strict pre-Vietnam holiday Atkins diet after my evil friend Brigitte told me the crust was banting-friendly. (For an extra R25 Shimmy offers a cauliflower base.) But to this day I’m convinced their was a mix up in the kitchen ‘cos the pizza that arrived was far too yummilicious to be made from cauli.

Was this pizza banting-friendly, Brigitte? Really?!
Was this pizza banting-friendly, Brigitte? Really?! Don’t lie to me bitch face!

I was also blown away by their baked Alaska dessert (R85) – layers of hot chocolate and coffee, vanilla pod and salted caramel ice creams wrapped in a fluffy meringue-like coat.

Tastes like more!
Tastes like more!

Another dessert that impressed was their banoffee cheesecake (R85) with banana praline and salted caramel sauce. I was so full by the time I got round to sampling this dude I thought I’d have just a bite to see what it was like and two minutes later it was gone!

If you’re looking for a picture pretty spot to grab a little sunshine, knock back a cocktail and indulge in something delicious know that Shimmy Beach is a solid pick for summer.

Bloggers be blogging.
And the view isn’t kak either….

Love, love



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