Keen on easy money? (Of course you are!) Make like me and turn your spring clean into cash with OLX

Got a whole pile of shizzle lying around your house that you don’t use? Have bills to pay? It’s time for a spring clean and a flog and OLX can be your new bestie to help you do the latter. (The spring cleaning? You’re on your own honey lamb!)

To highlight just how much ‘money’ could be lying around in your home OLX roped in a bunch of peeps, myself included, to round up our unwanted goods and got them appraised by a professional evaluator. As it turned out, I had almost R16 000 to be made. All the better to buy top shelf booze and drugs! (KIDDING!) I’m currently saving for a deposit on a house so being careful with my money is a priority.

My piccie is currently being used in the press release so if you happen to spot my gesig anywhere please let me know.

Bye wedges! It was real!
Bye wedges! It was real!

Most of the stuff in the shot are things I’ve sold or plan on converting into cash (sorry flat mate, but your couch was revolting! Bye bye grandma, hello L-shape!) but some of the items belong to the stylist and PR and a few of them are mine to fill a gap but actually aren’t being sold and weren’t counted in my evaluation so if you spot something I was given as a gift please don’t take offence. My super cute pug travel pillow’s going nowhere!

Anyway, if you’re looking to turn your junk into cold, hard cash, know that OLX is FREE, super easy to use and a great way to sell, sell, sell.

Love, love



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