Review: Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective mask

If you’re a fan of Skinceuticals you’ll know about their best-selling Phyto Corrective Gel, a super soothing and hydrating serum for skin that’s in need of a little TLC. Next month, however, (November) the brand will be launching a Phyto Corrective mask (R995).

For the record, 'phyto' means botanical.
For the record, ‘phyto’ means botanical.

Much like the gel, it also makes use of hydrating glycerin and skin plumping hylauronic acid and soothing botanical extracts in the form of olive leaf, cucumber and thyme. But there’s a little somethin’ extra extra in the mix and that’s a particular peptide that’s been proven to reduce your skin’s perception to heat. In a way, you could say it literally cools like an after sun, but without having to rely on irritating menthol. (Seriously girls, if you’ve got sensitive skin, menthol and peppermint aren’t your friends.)

I’ve used the mask a few times now, even applying it to a mild burn on my wrist (thank you, evil oven o’ death!) and can attest that yes, it definitely does cool and soothe. Also, it does a great job of hydrating. The skin on my chin has taken a beating lately from the products I’ve been using to attack a break out and this has resulted in a killer combo of flakiness and the formation of lots of little dehydration lines.

Ready, set, soothe!
Ready, set, soothe!

While you can use Skinceuticals’ newbie like a mask (slap it on, wipe it off), you can also leave it on as long as you like so I slapped it on before bed and was thrilled to wake up to a rested looking complexion and a supple, plump-looking chin that was back in business. Woo hoo! This baby’s a keeper!

If you’re looking for a skin quenching, cool-feeling treatment to help soothe your skin post aesthetic treatment like a laser, mild peel or even just a facial where your therapist got a little cray in the extractions department, this is a nice pick. You can also reach for it on a day when your skin’s been exposed to the elements, be it wind or sun.

Love, love


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