Review: TRESemme’ Beauty-full Volume shampoo and conditioner

Today I’m going to be chatting about a sham and con with a bit of a twist, so before your eyes start glazing over at the thought of of the world adding yet another volumizing variant to a market that’s swamped with options, listen to this: TRESemme’s new
Beauty-full Volume line hinges on the concept of pre-conditioning – a hair trend that sees peeps using conditioner FIRST and then shampoo SECOND. Yep, you heard me. The idea here is that using conditioner afterwards can weigh your hair down, so hydrating your locks beforehand can help prevent that.

Hello there, you li'l weirdos!
You’re looking at R96,95 each at Clicks for the big ass bottles.

Now I hear what you’re thinking. Surely, you’ll then wash any conditioner out of your hair and create a crazy ass bos of flyaways that’ll be a nightmare to detangle? (Well, that’s what I was thinking…) As it turns out, TRESemme says its pre-conditioner binds to your hair so you don’t have to worry about washing it out and somehow it manages to not weigh things down. As for the shampoo, that’s formulated with ‘fleximax volumizers’ (ja, I have no idea what those are either) to help control static.

Anyway, I was super duper skeptical about having this work out. So much so that I gave it a bash on a day when I knew I didn’t have to leave the house. At best, I was expecting the ‘binding’ promises of the conditioner to be a big bunch of crap and that the shampoo itself would do all the heavy lifting – acting kind of like a 2-in-1 that you find in hotels. At worst, I was imagining the aforementioned flyaways or a binding-aspect that worked too well and left my hair looking limp.

After massaging the conditioner into my hair and leaving it on for one minute, I rinsed it out using the shampoo and found you only need a little ‘cos the ‘regular’ amount I used created the most enormous lather. ‘This is going to be suuuuuch a stuff up I thought’ upon rinsing, but – SURPRISE – the result was hair that was still easy to comb while wet (mostly because I own a Tangle Teezer, God’s gift to fine-haired girls everywhere) and swishy, clean and bouncy while dry.

I still don’t know if TRESemme’s ‘tech’ is legit or not (the binding and fleximax bit) but I’m too busy to research and don’t care as I’ve now used it for an entire week (for the record, I wash my hair every day) in a bid to see if I’d end up having to deal with a build up or something, but nope, it’s all good. When it comes to hair I don’t bother too much with the why. I just want results and this duo delivers. Still, I don’t know if I’d peg this as a ‘volumising’ shampoo as my hair felt smooth and sleek but no bigger, but as far as ‘shampoos for normal hair’ go, this one works very nicely.

Love, love


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