Looking for a great value spa AND lunch special? The Westin Cape Town’s Secret Lunch hour is a gem

Lean in girls, I’m about to fill you in on something you’re going to want to know about it… The Heavenly Spa at The Westin Hotel in Cape Town is running the most fabulous special right now called Secret Lunch hour. For just R650 you get to pick a 45-minute spa treatment of your choice and enjoy a 2-course lunch in ON19, the hotel’s restaurant in the sky, conveniently located right next to the spa.

How gorgeous is Heavenly Spa's pool?
How gorgeous is Heavenly Spa’s pool?

While the special is on to celebrate Women’s Day, it’s going to run for a while and I got to indulge in it the other day with one of my besties, Gia, and we both love, love, loved it! The treatments you can pick from include a 45-minute mani, pedi, facial or back, neck and shoulder massage. Because we’re both hard working li’l stress balls we didn’t hesitate to opt for the massage and thought both of our therapists, Nurse and Alicia, had magic hands. We loved how they were able to get ‘medium to hard pressure where needed’ and instinctively found all the muscles that needed a real going over.

Don't forget to grab a choccie when you leave!
Don’t forget to grab a choccie when you leave!

If we’d had time, we’d have arrived early or left late, spending time at the spa’s pool which definitely has the best view of the city. You can also hang out in the lounge area where they serve up tea along with killer chocolate-dipped crunchies. (I know, ‘cos I happily pilfered two of them.)

This is where you're going to sip your tea and pack away those crunchies.
This is where you’re going to sip your tea and pack away those crunchies.

After drifting out the spa, we headed over to lunch (again the views are epic) and decided our two-courses would be starters and mains, but if you’d rather do main and dessert that’s an option too. I’ve eaten at ON19 a couple of times before and have always been impressed with how their food looks just as good as it tastes and this visit was no different.

Views for dayyyys, yo!

To start, I ordered the grilled calamari salad made using tender strips, rocket, lemon and celery.

It’s got a nice, spicy kick thanks to a bit of chilli.

As for Gia, she picked the lamb and goats cheese fritters and declared them ‘yum’.

FYI, the roast pepper hummus it’s lying on is really good too.

For mains, Gia decided on the Happy Hog, a verjuice and honey-glazed pork belly…

…served with apple chemoula, bitterballen and sweet potato puree…

…and I opted for the crispy, sticky lamb porcetta.

While the meat was great, I really, really enjoyed the generous portion of creamy, dreamy BLAH that it was served on. When mixed with the meat's gravy it's a total treat!
While the meat was great, I really, REALLY enjoyed the generous portion of creamy, dreamy pistachio and lemon gremolata, barely, beans and romesco sauce it came with.

Afterwards, we were so full we couldn’t even squeeze in a cappuccino!

If you’re looking for a way to spoil or enjoy a day out with a friend, this is the way to go and it’s stellar value for money too.(While travelling up to the spa in the lift, I noticed it’s menu on the wall and saw that a 45 minute massage alone was about R500!) Also, if you’ve got the kind of job that won’t permit a two hour lunch break, know that this special runs on both Saturday and Sunday so now that’s the best part of your weekend in the bag.

Love, love


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