I tried FitChef, South Africa’s leading healthy meal delivery service, and it’s utterly delish

The other day FitChef got in touch and said they wanted to send me a snack and I was all ‘Hey, sure! Whatevs!’ I mean, you can never have too much biltong and nuts in your life, right. But then they dropped off a huge box full of frozen meals, smoothies and more and oh boy was I glad. Their food is seriously delicious and fabulously good for you too. In fact, I don’t think my bod has seen this much yummy veg in such a short space of time since… gosh, maybe forever?

Love it!
Love it!

Anyway, let’s step back a bit. If you didn’t know, FitChef is currently South Africa’s leading ‘healthy and convenient food company’. They create a huuuuge array of healthy meals to fit just about every eating plan – from low carb or low cal to vegan, vegetarian and sports performance. Ordering up your meals is as simple as selecting which ones you want online and then you can collect them from their offices or have them delivered to your door. They also have a nice selection of ‘programmes’ to help make things easier. For example, they’ve got a 21-day weight loss/detox plan consisting of a meal plan plus 54 meals, 44 smoothies and a bunch of healthy snacks.

Not pictured are the chocolate salted cashews. Those babies lasted all of two seconds.

On the subject of smoothies, I really, really enjoyed their GAP variant, a surprisingly sweet (yet sugar-free) mix of grape, apple, beetroot, banana and pear (pictured up top).

As far as the meals go, I got to try several and there wasn’t a single one I didn’t enjoy. The standout, however, was the lentil and tomato bredie with sweet potato mash.

There's that beetroot juice again. So good!
There’s that winning beetroot juice again…

They also do a non-veggie version made with boerewors and that was epic too. Another winner? Ostrich potjie with mixed veg.

Ostrich potjie with cauliflower and greens.
This was so satisfying and filling, I couldn’t believe it was only 750 kilojoules!

Despite looking squishy and unexciting in their little bakkies when frozen, each dish was brimming with flavour and varied ingredients. It wasn’t just a case of giving you a meat and a single veg – there was almost always an extra green thrown into the mix. Also, it was clear that each dish had been tried and tested for deliciousness for making it’s way onto the FitChef menu.

Speaking of delish, you have no idea how good FitChef’s famous beetroot brownies are!

Made with Belgian dark chocolate and beetroot (although you'll never know it), each little square is a sweet, moist and decadent little piece of heaven.
Made with Belgian dark chocolate and beetroot (although you’ll never know it), each little square is a sweet, moist and decadent little piece of heaven.

If you’re a busy person who don’t has time to cook, can’t cook or simply want all the ‘thinking’ and prep work removed from the challenge that is eating healthfully, pay a visit to FitChef’s site. Their meals aren’t cheap (you’ll find all the pricing there) but they’re not outrageous considering what you’re getting. Many grocery chains, for example, have loads of ready-made-meals you can freeze, but unlike FitChef, most of them contain added sugars, gluten flours and preservatives.

Thanks again, FitChef! You’ve got a new fan.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “I tried FitChef, South Africa’s leading healthy meal delivery service, and it’s utterly delish

  1. I’ve opened everywhere but I still can’t see your prices. Maybe its me.the September 21 days weight loss challenge,how much is it?

  2. Hi Leigh..I’m waiting for my 21 day delivery,I’m just wondering if this really works..I hope so..my worryt is when u defrost don’t u get excess water?

    1. Hi Lily! You’re in for a treat! The meals are the perfect balance of healthy and delish. Don’t worry, nothing turned out soggy or pap. Also, don’t get a fright when you see them. They look so tiny and grey when they arrive but everything defrosts beautifully and the portions really do fill you up. I hope you enjoy it. Please check back in to let me know what you think x x

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