Review: Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil and ka-Brow! eyebrow cream-gel colour

Right mense, are you ready for a Benefit Brow bonanza? The brand’s reworked their brow offering and the line up includes something ridiculous like over 40 products. Also, don’t freak when you hear 40, this is if you count the colour options of each item. Most of the items come in up to 5 shades so you’re sure to find one to suit. Still, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in store going ‘Good God, which one do I choose? WHICH ONE?!’

Lucky for me, I got to attend the launch and walked off with several goodies packaged in a super cute ‘pinball’ box.

Love it!

Included in the mix was Gimme Brow (R335), a slick-it-on-and-run volumising brow gel, which is great as this is a product I’ve tried, loved and am happy to have more of. You can read my review over here.

Benefit Gimme Brow!

Of everything else I’ve played with I’ve now landed in a brow love triangle that now includes Goof Proof eyebrow pencil (R335) and ka-Brow! eyebrow cream-gel colour (R335). I don’t want to play favourites ‘cos I’m worried Goof Proof will attempt to stab me while I sleep (it’s got that vicious glint to it, you can see it, right?) but let’s start with him.

Hello hun bun!

If you’re in the biz for an easy to use, daily brow pencil then Goof Proof is your friend. It’s got a twist-up head so you don’t need to bother with a sharpener and the colour glides on well and stays put. Also, I love that it’s got a spooly brush at the end. So many eyebrow pencil’s don’t and I just don’t get it.

Girls, you all need a spooly brush, mkay?!

To show you his work, let’s start with my brow au naturale. Forgiveness in advance for not having had the time to really shape them properly.

Yep, that’s me!


And here we’re all dressed up using Goof Proof. A nice, subtle ‘every day’ look.

Moving on, let’s chat about ka-Brow or he’ll get jealous.

Benefit ka-Brow!

When I first saw this product it intimidated the living daylights out of me. It made me think of gel-cream eyeliner and I’ve just never been able to use it, not because it’s rubbish but because I’m utter kak at applying eye liner and need it to be as idiot proof as possible. Ka-Brow, however, is super duper easy to use.

You simply dip the brush into the pot and colour in your brow using the ‘precise’ side to define and the ‘flat’ side to colour things in.


See? Depending on how you hold the brush, you can create a super fine or thicker-looking line.

The result is a lot more impactful than what you get from Goof Proof (don’t hate me GP! You can be my day time brow buddy) so it’s the perfect dude for an evening look or if you’re simply having a day where you want to head out looking fierce.

Fab, right?! This is ka-Brow all on its own. I wiped off Goof Proof before applying it.

I honestly can’t believe I didn’t think this product would work for me ‘cos now I love it to bits.

Next time you’re anywhere around a Benefit counter (you’ll find them in selected Edgars stores) do yourself a favour and check out the new brow line. You’re going to find some regte gems.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Review: Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil and ka-Brow! eyebrow cream-gel colour

    1. I’ll definitely buy the ka-Brow cream-gel when it runs out. The eye pencil is lovely, but I can find others that are just as good for less.

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