Did you catch me on Expresso’s Fash Pack last week chatting about Cannes fashion?

Ah Expresso! I’m really enjoying making the odd cameo on South Africa’s favourite breakfast show, even if it does require getting up at the most ungodly hour on a Friday. I really don’t know how the crew manages to be so genuinely cheerful. It’s actually kind of ridiculous. You’ve never met people so darn happy to be alive and at work at 6am!

Pretending I’m not still tripping on last night’s coma-inducing Zopimed with founding Fash Packer Alexis Chaffe-Mey.

They also always have the most interesting guests in the ‘green room’-type of area (bonus when it’s a hot sports team) and freshly baked bran muffins. (I’m that horrible person who shamelessly eats the crust of the top and then tries to force the left manhandled over bottom bit on whoever happens to be around me. (‘Come now, tattoo-riddled cage fighter person! You can’t waste food! If you don’t eat this thing I’ve picked at while getting my eye shadow done you’re a Horrible Person. EAT THAT OR YOU’LL GOING TO HELL!’)

Anyway, if you’re interested, here’s the clip of last week’s chat about the best and worst of this year’s Cannes fashion. Fashon and beauty director and all round kiff chick Alexis Chaff-Mey and I mostly agreed on everything but while she loved that Twilight chica’s stinky-looking tekkies I couldn’t help but make a vom face. Apologies for that.

Love, love


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