Reviews: Essence Blush Ball, Mosaic Blush and Quick & Easy nail polish remover pads

A few weeks back, Essence, that pocket-friendly German beauty brand we all know and love, threw a li’l partytie at The Mount Nelson the other day. The theme was ‘Mad Hatter’s’ and they went all out.

Gorgeous, right?

After a lot of bubbles and what felt like ten thousand million ‘Eat Me’ biccies (I mean, how can you refuse a biscuit that’s basically asking for it?), I waddled out with a box full of goodies and have been wading through them ever since.

Don’t mind if I do…

Now, I’d like to tell you about my three favourite things, starting with the brand’s wondrous l’il fruity-scented blush ball in Peach Candy (R57,95).

Essence Blush Ball
Essence Blush Ball in Peach Candy

Essentially it’s a powder blush shaped like a dome you simply swipe it on your cheek and blend it out with your fingers. I absolutely love is its wondrous pigmentation and staying power.

Pretty pretty!
You really just need to touch it to your skin to get great colour pay off.

Also, this actual shade, Peach Candy, is the most flattering, ‘J Lo glow’ type of colour that’s perfect for pale peeps like me. It adds a gorgeous flush with a subtle glitter-free shimmer and then sticks around for ages, especially if you’re using it on top of foundation.

More blush fabulosity? Meet this dude…

Essence Mosaic Blush
Essence Mosaic Blush in Kissed by the Sun.

Available in several shades, Mosaic Blush (R57,95) isn’t just a solid colour with a little multi-hued pattern embossed on its surface. Each colour goes all the way down to the pan!

Swirl them up with your brush blush and enjoy a gorgeous multi-dimensional flush.
Swirl them up with your brush blush and enjoy a gorgeous multi-dimensional flush.

Like a moron, I’ve accidentally deleted my swatch piccie but will snap another later today and be sure to update this post. It’s the prettiest golden-peach flush that builds like a charm and really makes my blue eyes pop.

Lastly, Essence quick & easy nail polish remover wipes (R28,95) are exactly what my hand bag’s been looking for all along and didn’t know it.

Essence quick & easy nail polish remover wipes
Essence quick & easy nail polish remover wipes

Each wipe (you get 30 in a pack) has a yummy watermelon scent and is infused with an oily-textured acetone-free nail polish remover.

It doesn’t remove polish as speedily as the paint stripper that is Cutex Ultra Quick, but it definitely gets the job done.

Still, the reason I love these babies is their sheer convenience and spill-proof packaging. Perfect to pop in your bag when you need to fix a chipped nail on the go!

Love, love


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