Review: The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

Being a naturally super pale peep, I tend to turn a terrifying shade of see-through when the winter months roll in. When it’s warmer, I look a bit less ghostly but, regardless of the season, I often slap on a little facial self-tanner – a lighter one for winter and a darker one in summer. As a result of owning a colour-changing gesig I’ve garnered a bit of a ‘foundation wardrobe’ filled with shades that range from light to dark to ensure I’ve always got something to suit.

Now, however, thanks to The Body Shop’s clever new shade adjusting drops (R300 each), I’m able to ‘clean out my closet’ and appease my inner minimalist. I also don’t have to worry too much if I buy foundation online and it turns out to be the wrong colour or leave the shops with something that looked great in store but served up an orange-tastic surprise at home.

Cleverness in a R300 bottle that'll last you for ages.
Cleverness in a R300 bottle that’ll last you for ages.

The lightening and darkening drops exist to lift or deepen the shade of any foundation.

Dropped on the left and swatched on the right.
As both adjusters are pretty opaque they won’t sheer out your foundation or alter it’s coverage factor.

To get things going, simply slap a little of the inappropriate foundation on your hand and add a few of the shade adjusting drops to it, blending it as you go until you get the desired shade. Always start off adding the teensiest amount and then work your way up. I was surprised by how ‘potent’ the adjusters are. You really only need the smallest drop to see a very visible colour change, especially so with the darker shade. Also, the lightening drops don’t just lift a shade, they also neutralise anything that’s too yellow, orange or pink.

The shade in the centre is The Body Shop
The shade in the centre is The Body Shop Fresh Nude foundation in Sahara. It’s actually a perfect match but I’ve lifted it on the left and darkened it on the right using the drops.

Just to clarify, The Body Shop’s magic li’l drops don’t just work on their own foundations. They’ve played nicely with every single foundation I’ve introduced them to, be it a mousse texture, cream to powder foundation or BB cream. Still, you need to keep your colour leap realistic. Kicking things up or down by two notches is as easy breezy, but attempting to turn a foundation called Porcelain into one that could pass for Hot Cocoa isn’t going to fly.

Maybelline's new Velvet foundation
This is Maybelline’s new Dream Velvet foundation in Sun Beige. It’s a bit too dark for me but thanks to the drops I can lift it to perfection.

If, like me, you’re a bit of a colour chameleon or simply find yourself sitting with a great foundation in a shade that’s just not working for you, know that The Body Shop’s new Shade Adjusting Drops work like an absolute bomb.

Love, love


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