Review: L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Hot & Go fast blow dry spray

I don’t know about you, but I’m a busy girl who’s got better places to be than under my blerrie blow dryer so when L’Oreal’s new ‘fast blow dry spray’ landed in my stressed out li’l paws I was keen to give it a bash.

Hoezit honey lamb! Let's get this day on shall we?
Hoezit honey lamb! Let’s get this day on shall we? You’ve got three product launches to get to!

Essentially a heat protection spray, L’Oreal Paris Studio Line Hot & Go fast blow dry spray (R75, Zando) promises to cut down on blow drying time. Now, to my knowledge, most heat protection products provide this kind of service by default due to heat conducting polymers (usually a form of silicone) that stick to your hair to create a water-deflecting coating. I’m not sure if L’Oreal’s product does that any more or less than others but the bottom line is it does work. Did I sit down and time it? No. Of course not! I just told you I’m a busy person. But the ‘difference’ is enough for me to notice it and that’s good enough for me.

I’ve got long, baby fine colour-treated hair and have been spritzing it on my rough dried lengths (never my roots as I need lift and volume in that department) before hitting up the blow drier and, aside from addressing my need for speed, it creates a much sleeker-looking blow out without weighing things down. I also liked that it’s scent is fresh and clean – like apple shampoo – and once it’s in your hair you don’t notice it. As far as heat protection sprays go, this one’s a regte goodie and I really like that, at under one hundred bucks, it’s not going to hurt my pocket.

Love, love


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