Hou jy van my mooi sakkie? Buy a ghd V max styler and it’s yours too!

Right! Did your moron, non-hint getting boyfriend not buy you a ghd styler for Christmas? Now’s a good time to work the angle for V-Day (‘cos nothing says I love you like good hair) or just pull on your big girl panties and snap one up yourself – a gold V max in particular. Hoekom?

If you buy your styler from a salon before the end of March you’ll get a free limited edition ghd weekend bag and it’s flipping fabulous! So often gift bags are completely vile, the kind of thing you throw in the backseat of your car the moment you leave the store and then forget about or pass on to a style-devoid family member. This one, however, is a total gem.

Doesn't it just give you serious Cotton On/Trenery vibes?
Doesn’t it just give you serious Cotton On/Trenery vibes?

Also, do you see that long, sexy arm in the piccie? That’s not mine. It belongs to my soon-to-be flat mate Gaylene AKA as Gaylord. Gay is my little sister’s bestie so I’ve known her forever, my folks consider her a second daughter and she’s a flippin’ peach of a human being. We’ll be moving into a mooi little spot in Claremont/Rondebosch the moment my blerrie ADSL line kicks in and you’ll be hearing more about her soon as I’m looking forward to making her a cosmetic test monkey. I also can’t wait to send my sister (who lives in France) a flurry of jealously-inducing What’s App piccies of Gay and I having a jol in face masks with captions like ‘Last night we got sooo drunk and Gay said I’m now the best friend she’s ever had.’ And ‘Gay says she feels like she and I are sisters and she can’t remember what your face looks like anymore’.

Anyway, getting back to the bag. Like I said, if you were holding back on buying a ghd know that getting one now gives you a bit more bang/bag for your buck.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Hou jy van my mooi sakkie? Buy a ghd V max styler and it’s yours too!

  1. Wow, I would love that bag. I will be purchasing a GHD for sure. I am near the beach and this bag is lovely for the all the sun cream and towels.Great offer!!!

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