Red Square’s Fragrance Sampler & Certificate boxes are the best Valentine’s Day gifting idea I’ve seen so far (and I’ve seen a lot. My eyes are bleeding, yo!)

Working in media really makes you dread certain holidays. There are certain months where you wake up and have to kind of brace yourself, knowing a flurry of related press releases are about to rain down on you in an endless stream with every brand desperately linking themselves to it by tenuous measures.

An example? It’s Mother’s Day! Amazing Washing Powder does all the hard work for you so mom can take a break! Oh! And now it’s Christmas? See the new candy cane motif on our limited edition Amazing Washing Powder packs? It was created by some local designer you’ve never heard of and we know your readers are going to love it! Easter?! Did you know Amazing Washing Powder can lift a chocolate stain out of anything?!

And on and on it goes…

This is why I’ve now become a total grinch regarding every holiday on the calendar but reserve a special kind of hatred for Valentine’s Day (Amazing Washing Powder will ensure the red doesn’t run from your hot date night dress!) as it truly hammers home the fact that I’m old and nobody loves me aside from my parents and friends who don’t blerrie count. Also, Valentine’s Day gift idea press releases would make anyone want to kill themselves. Seriously. According to the PR peeps I’ve dealt with just this week alone your V-Day sweetheart most definitely wants you to up their life insurance, gift them with a crate full of vitamins (‘cos nothing says I love you like good health) and buy them Every Item in the World provided it’s in garish Bozo the clown nose red.

Nooooo! Make it stoppppp!
Nooooo! Make it stoppppp!

So, can you imagine my surprise when a Valentine’s Day press drop arrived containing something I was actually delighted to receive? Something that, upon opening, totally made my day? Thus, I give unto thee Red Square’s new Fragrance Sampler and Certificate box for her (R990).

Yes, please!
Yes, please!

The kit contains 13 samples of popular fragrances, a booklet with information on each one and a fragrance voucher that you can exchange for a full-size version of your favourite scent. There’s also a shopping voucher in the kit that gives you a choice of three discounts when you spend a certain amount on anything else in the store.

The fragrance samples in the kit are as follows: Calvin Klein Euphoria, Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose, DKNY MYNY, Giorgio Armani Si Intense, Hugo Boss Boss Jour, Lacoste eau de Lacoste Femme, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Narciso Rodriguez for her, Paco Rabanne Olympea, Roberto Cavalli Paradiso and YSL Black Opium.

Decisions, decisions!
Decisions, decisions!

You can’t tell me there isn’t something on that list you’d love to add to your dressing table. Personally, I’m a huge Narciso fan but as I already own the scent, among two others on the list, so now I’m torn between Hugo Boss Boss Jour (light and fresh, perfect for day) and Roberto Cavalli Paradiso (a sexy night time jasmine).

While Red Square’s fragrance kits are definitely sitting up at the top of the list of my gifting picks for Valentine’s Day, I reckon they’d go down a treat on any occasion and I love the fact that you’ve got until 31 October to redeem the voucher. They’ve also got a ‘for him’ box that I know most men would appreciate.

Ja, dad! Who's your favourite daughter now?
Ja, dad! Who’s your favourite daughter now?

Wile the voucher gives up until end of October to redeem it, the kits themselves are going to sell out fast so if you want one, best you bust a move.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “Red Square’s Fragrance Sampler & Certificate boxes are the best Valentine’s Day gifting idea I’ve seen so far (and I’ve seen a lot. My eyes are bleeding, yo!)

  1. What beautiful ideas!! The gifts are stunning and sure some guys and girls will get spoilt. I hope you get your fair share!!!!!!!

  2. Great post, Leigh! I saw these fragrance samplers in Sephora last year and thought it was such a brilliant idea! So pleased Red Square have introduced the concept in SA too!

  3. Great post, Leigh! I saw similar fragrance samplers at Sephora last year and thought they were a brilliant idea! So pleased Red Square has brought this to SA too!

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