A closer look at Catrice’s new crop of pink products

It’s October which means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and, if you’re a beauty editor, it also heralds the beginning of The Onslaught o’ Pink. Still, this isn’t something I mind too much. In fact, I’m actually quite down with pink, even though I don’t always wear it every Wednesday. However, if that Mean Girls reference just flew over the top of your head you probably can’t sit with us. (See what I did there?)

Anyway, Catrice have been one of the first brands to hop on the pink bus, sending me a selection of rosy-hued mooiness to play with.

Pretty in pink
Pretty in pink

Of everything in the mix, I liked their Illuminating Highlighter Pen (R69,95). I initially thought this would be a touche eclat-style highlighter but it’s actually a shimmery silver pink fluid that reminds me a helluva lot of Benefit’s High Beam. If you were considering shelling out for that, you might want to take a look at this first.

Watch your back, Moonbeam!
Watch your back, High Beam!

I was disappointed with the Ultimately Stay (R89,95) in IrrCORALbly Pink. Stupid name aside, it really doesn’t last any longer than a regular lipstick which is a pity as the colour, a bright watermelon, is super pretty. Still, if you’re buying into it not expecting it to stick around you won’t be let down.

I actually can't bring myself to type that name again.
I actually can’t bring myself to type that name again.

I was more impressed with Catrice Shine Appeal fluid lipstick (R69,95) in Pink Macaron that, to me, is really just a nicely pigmented lip gloss. It’s a nice drug store pick for anyone who appreciates glosses that don’t feel sticky on the lips but still manage to sit tight until you eat or drink something. Also, if you’re familiar with Dior’s Addict Fluid Stick you’ll know exactly where Catrice drew ‘inspirasie‘ for their packaging…

Catrice Pink Macaron
Catrice Shine Appeal fluid lipstick in Pink Macaron

As for the Illuminating Blush (R69,95) in Kiss Me Ken, the colour looks very plummy and rather dark but suited my NC25 complexion as it’s super, duper sheer. So sheer, in fact, that you have to apply it with a very heavy hand to get it to show up. If you don’t mind sweeping at your face multiple times, you’ll end up with a super subtle violet-pink flush.

Catrice Illuminating blush in Kiss Me Ken
Catrice Illuminating blush in Kiss Me Ken

A real winner, however, was the Deluxe Trio eye shadow (R84,95) in Rose Vintouch. Each little orb serves up a satin-finish, easy-to-blend colour that, when teamed with a primer, lasts all day. They remind me a lot of Bourjois’ Smoky Eyes trio palettes. Just a heads up – I’ve tried Catrice’s bronzy-looking Deluxe Trio (Antique C’est Tres Chic) just the other day and found it had a serious ‘silver’ undertone to it which wasn’t ideal as I wanted something ‘warm’. This purple trio, however, are true to what they look like in the pan.

Catrice Deluxe Trio eye shadow in Rose Vintouch

Last but not least, we’ve got the Ultimate Nail Lacquer (R49,95) in All You Need Is Pink. A shimmery medium-tone watermelon, this colour doesn’t do it for me, but you should know it’s good quality at a very affordable price, as are most of Catrice’s nail products. I’m a big fan of Raspberry Fields Forever as it’s a good dupe for my beloved Essie Exotic Liras which has been a summer staple of mine for years.

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in All You Need Is Pink

See anything you like?

Love, love


2 thoughts on “A closer look at Catrice’s new crop of pink products

  1. Totally got that Mean Girls reference 🙂
    That Eyeshadow trio looks great, I may have to pick that up, and the highlighting pen (a girl can never have too many highlighters!)

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