It’s finally time to review my new HTC One M9

As you know, I’m a proud HTC girl and was happily using the wondrous M8 before recently upgrading to the new One M9 32 GB. I’ve had a while to play with it and and gotta tell you, I’m definitely an android girl for life now.

Having fun at the launch
Being a dorkasaurus at the launch*
Just about all the things I loved about the M8 are present in the M9 and some have been taken even further. For starters, it’s still got that sexy brushed aluminium body, an enormous 5 inch display (which I adore!) and, weighing in at 157g, it feels even lighter in your hand.

The all new htc The One m9
The all new MTC One M9
Again, the sound quality is perfection. I can fill my entire apartment with crystal clear music to the point where a friend thought I was playing through add-on speakers, not the phone itself.

Camera-wise – it’s front-facing camera (the one you use to take selfies) is now 4 megapixels and the ‘regular’ camera is a whopping 20 megapixels. If you follow me on Instagram (@lipglossgirlxoxo) you should know all my shots are taken using the M8. Also, 99% of the pics you’ll have seen on my blog have been taking using the phone.

The detail is even better than what you're seeing as photo's lose quality when you upload them to WordPress.
The detail is even better than what you’re seeing as photo’s lose quality when you upload them to WordPress.

No filter, just mooiness.
No filter, just excessive mooiness.
I find that the M9’s camera isn’t as good in low lighting as the M8s, but you can somewhat compensate for this by raising the ISO setting. This improves it, but I think the resultant shots still look better on the M8, so if using your cell to take pictures at night is very important to you this is something you should know.

Where the M9 really shines is the customisation department. There are what feels like a zillion ways to tweak it to do exactly what you’d like and it also serves up a huge, ever increasing amount of themes.

Origami for when I feel like a grown up and The Little Mermaid for when I don't.
Origami for when I feel like a grown up and The Little Mermaid for when I don’t.
You can now also customise the navigation bar and take things even further by download apps like HTC Sense Home. The latter learns which apps you most use in different locations and can set up your phone to suit you best depending on where you are. For example, when you hit the office, all your boring work-related apps will appear first and foremost and then, when you head home, all the fun stuff pops up. (Because obviously you never cruise Facebook or Instagram when you’re on your bosses time, right?)

More launch funsies.
More launch funsies.
The M8’s great battery life seriously blew me away and the M9’s is almost as awesome. I can use it flat out all day and it only needs recharging by the time I go to bed. It’s also got a built-in battering saving mode that auto triggers when your phone drops to 15% but can be manually flicked on at any time. There’s also an ultra power saving mode that allows me to keep my phone on, albeit in a super basic mode, for more than ten hours on just 5% battery! Long gone are the iPhone days where I used to carry my charger with me and juice it up half way through the day.

To learn more about HTC and keep up to date with what they’re doing, pop on over to their local Facebook page. They’re currently promoting a comp with Marie Claire that could see you winning a limited edition Jourdan Dunn HTC M9.

Am I old and embarrassing to not know who Jourdan Dunn is?
Jourdan’s phone is available in silver as well as gold (but we all know the latter’s the coolest.)
Love, love


*Yep, I’m aware that pic is of a crappy quality. Please note it wasn’t taken using an HTC. 

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