Benefit cosmetics will soon be available in South Africa again via Edgars

I don’t have to explain Benefit cosmetics to you, right? We all know and adore their super cute packaging, everyone’s tried iconic Benetint at least once and knows a girl who’s been braving our rubbish postal system by buying BADgal lash mascara via eBay.

Benefit creasless cream shadow
I’m personally crazy about Benefit’s Creaseless Cream shadows and am dying to try Bronze Have More Fun (not pictured) to see how it compares to my beloved, now discontinued Busy Signal.

I also can’t wait to try Lollitint, a ‘candy-orchid’ colour to give rosey Benetint a run for it’s money.

I’m sure this smells delish.

Anyway, last month I had a sneaky li’l meeting with Omer, the brand’s digital exec from Dubai, and can finally reveal the good news: As of the middle of July, Benefit will be back in South Africa and available via selected Edgars stores! (Last time it was in Woolies, remember?)

Thanks for the spoils, Omer! So glad you didn't get murdered on Lion's Head.
Thanks for the spoils, Omer! So glad you didn’t get murdered on Lion’s Head.

Here’s the official roll out:

Edgars Sandton – 11 July
Edgars Clearwater – 13 July
Red Square Cresta – 15 July
Red Square Canal Walk – 17 July
Edgars Canal Walk 18 – July

As you can see, Jozi and Cape Town get first dibs but more stores will be rolling out soon. To be kept in the loop you can follow Benefit on Instagram (@BenefitSouthAfrica) and find them on Facebook (Benefit Cosmetics South Africa). Their hashtag is #BenefitSA.

As for me, I’ll be working my way through my stash and you can expect full reviews of my favourites in the weeks to come.

Isn’t starting the week on a high note, like, totally energizing? I don’t know about you but I’m now super amped to do ten thousand sit ups and finally clean above my kitchen cabinets. (Nope! No, I’m not. That’s a total lie. More coffee please!)

Love, love


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