Don’t forget to buy your ticket to the 5 for Change charity ball (2015) – it’s a jol!

Ja meisies, it’s time to unleash your inner Cinderella and dress up nice and mooi for 5 for Change, Cape Town’s now annual black tie charity ball that isn’t boring as all hell.

Karisa and I at the event back in 2013. Look how young we look!
Karisa and I at the event back in 2013. Look how young we look!

This year it takes place on Saturday the 30th,Goodluck is the entertainment and the MC is my former neighbour who also happens to do a little acting and comedy on the side, Siv Ngesi. Oh! And he’s got a drug problem…

Nice one, Sivling.
Nice one, Sivling.

You might’ve spotted Siv in an anti-drugs campaign that’s currently covering the city. As luck would have it, his big ass tennis court-sized billboard happens to cover the building he lives in. This is my ex-building but I’m there often to visit my bestie who lives there too. Siv takes great delight in calling her to let her know he’s in the street, but ‘totally lost’. ‘Is there perhaps some big landmark that could guide me home?’, he’ll say. But revenge is sweet. I’m always quick to let him know I’ve been too scared to visit ‘cos there’s now a big, scary black man who leans up the side of the building ‘and he’s got a drug problem!’

But ja, side track aside, you know should know that, each year,  5 for Change picks five causes to support. This time round they range from Rise to Read (supporting literacy in underprivileged areas (this strikes a chord with me as I was a total book worm child) to MyOwnCup, a project that supplies school girls in townships with a reusable sanitary solution. To learn about all of them, pop on over to 5 for Change’s site.

Deets you want to know.
Deets you want to know.

Buy your ticket for R400 a pop via Quicket before they all sell out. Space is limited and I know you’ll have a jol. Despite being a ‘ball’, it always get lekker messy before the clock strikes 12. Or least my friends and I always do. But hey, this is for a good cause so it’s pretty much taking one for the team, right?

Hope to see you there,

Love, love


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