Morgan Taylor launches their Midnight Masquerade collection and The Big Reveal is the shade you want

Morgan Taylor have a new nail collection out called Midnight Masquerade that’s inspired by the intrigue and innate sexiness of an opulent masked ball.

Pretty, pretty!

I was given two shades nudey-mauvey hue called Flirting with the Phantom and another deep shimmering teal colour called The Big Reveal.

The Big Reveal on the left and Flirting with the Phantom on the right.

When I first saw The Big Reveal, my thoughts ran as follows: Glitter. Puke. When is this stupid glitter nail trend going to die? I’m a woman not a 12 year old and no, I don’t have ten hours to take the stupid stuff off.

But then I looked a little closer and realised it wasn’t really glitter so much as micro-glitter whirled through a shimmering ‘base’ (if that makes sense) that sets to a finish so shiny and ‘expensive-looking’, you almost don’t need a top coat. Also, there’s something vinyl-like about the way it looks. Almost as though each micro-glitter is set within a clear gel-like sphere. Is any of this making sense? Am I sounding like a total crazy person here?

Morgan Taylor The Big Reveal
Morgan Taylor The Big Reveal

Another thing: Despite being a dark colour, it’s easy to paint with. Maybe it’s the shimmer aspect that makes it more forgiving than jet black which shows up your every error.

Anyway, I really, REALLY like this. In fact, I LOVE it. It’s that top you thought wouldn’t look good on you but you tossed it into the to try on pile anyway and BA-ZAAM it looks amazing. That is this nail colour. It should totally be called The Big Surprise as opposed to The Big Reveal.

I totally planned to take a snap, remove it and then photograph Flirting with the Phantom as I knew I’d be happy to then continue into my life wearing it but there’s no way I’m taking TBR off any time soon. (Yep, we’re so toit we’re now on an acronym basis, good ole’ TBR and I.) If you spot this collection in store (each shade is R123 a pop) ignore everything else and pop TBR in your trolley. You won’t regret it.

Love, love


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