Download L’Oreal Makeup Genius right now and be totally amazed so I can enjoy a big fat I told you so

Brand’s across the planet have all been told that apps are cool and everyone, like, just haaaaas to have one which is why I lot of really stupid ones exist. I can’t tell you how often I’ve gone to a launch and listened to the PR talk about this ‘phenomenal’ new tool that lets you type in the name of any of the brand’s products and WHAM, it immediately gives you a review on how awesome it is. (I’m like, um, hello, I can already do that with Google, you big moron. And this pulls from a pool that isn’t fetid with bias, nogal. Also, it then doesn’t have to live on my phone taking up valuable gigs that could be used on something super important – like piccies of my dog skateboarding.

So ja. I’m a big ole cow and couldn’t help but roll my eyes the teensiest, weensiest bit when L’Oreal told us about their new free app – Makeup Genius. In fact, every beauty editor in the room kind of gave each other a little side eye. The kind you do when your friend’s kid brings out this super horrible drawing that looks like chicken scratch and goes ‘Look mama! Me be Picasso!’ and your friend’s like ‘Jiiiirre Jannie! Jy’s mos die beste by alles!’

Anyway, enough being a total biets. I have to tell you about this app. Like for real. You have no idea how quickly we all straightened up our crooked, jaded little backs and paid attention with wide, curious eyes moment we saw this thing in action. In short, it is proof that aliens do walk among us and occasionally gift us with a bit of tech us mere human’s could never have created alone. So, are you ready for this?

Just try it! Try it, try it, try it!

Makeup Genius scans your face in a few quick seconds. Once that’s done, you can choose from an array of pre-designed L’Oreal make-up looks and then super impose them on your face. I know, I know. You’ve heard that all before. But this is in REAL TIME. Like you can then smile and grin and move your head all over the place and your new Kim Kardashian lashes and scarily perfect cat eye stays put and moves along with you. It! Is! Ridic!

Don’t you think there has to be a way to integrate this thing into Skype. Can you imagine waking up looking like a hungover trainwreck but immediately being able to slap on a fuchsia lip and mega lashes the moment your boyfriend calls from Dubai?

Anyway, L’Oreal is using some seriously next level tech here. This is an app that’s going to fascinate you for ages and you will end up running around the office going ‘OMG, look at this!’ So download away and let me know what you think. Currently it’s available for iPhone and iPad users (I reckon it looks best on an iPad) but an Android version is rolling out soon. As I use (and love, love love) an HTC, it’s for this reason that I don’t have screen caps to show you just yet. But I’ll get my mitts on a friend’s iPhone later today and be sure to update the post.

Now go try this app. It’s going to blow your mind!

Love, love



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