Want another chance to win an HTC One?

As it turns out, being an ambassador for HTC has been one of the easiest gigs I’ve had in ages. I get the coolest cell phone I’ve ever used and all I have to do is tell people how awesome it is – something that’s coming to me as naturally as breathing. Seriously. My convo’s totally run like this.

Person: Oh! Why don’t you have an iPhone? (People seriously say that. Like a lot.)
Me: What? Oh, I used to. But I was given this to test drive and – surprise – it kicks the iPhone’s ass in that the battery life is sick and the camera could take piccies for freakin’ National Geographic, yo! I’m, like, never going back. Nevvvvvvverrrr!!!
Person: Whoah, you’re pretty into your phone.
Me: Yes. Yes I am. (Cue slightly psychotic head tilt.)

Anyway, I recently helped add a little content to a comp they’re currently running, along with my fellow ambassadors, on All4Women.co.za. (Hey Sheri! Hey Jazz!) It sees you standing the chance to win an HTC One mini worth R8K so if you want, want, want one (and I know you do), best you head on over there.

Oooh, I love to love you, baby.

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Want another chance to win an HTC One?

  1. Never tried HTC, I’m a stickler for Samsung… but I just had to say I had a lekker giggle about your Person-Me dialogue. (Cue slightly psychotic head tilt.) Hehe!

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