Who wants to win a new HTC The One (M8)?

I know you do, so let’s just jump right in, shall we?

There are three ways to enter and each entry counts (once – so don’t harrass me multiple times on twitter asseblief) to better your odds of winning.

How badly do you want me, bietse?
How badly do you want me,Β bietse?

The first is via Instagram, so find me there (I’m @lipglossgirlx0x0) and check my feed.

The second is via Twitter. Drop me a tweet going ‘Hey @lipglossgirl and @HTCSouthAfrica, I’d love to win a #HTCTheOne M8. Pick me!”

The third is for all the non-social media peeps out there – simply drop me a mail on glossycomps@gmail.com telling me how many megapixels are in the HTC The One (M8)’s front facing camera. You’ll find the answer over here.

Good luck mense!


18 thoughts on “Who wants to win a new HTC The One (M8)?

  1. uch a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! Oh please please please pick me? I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed!

  2. I could really do with a brand new phone, been stuck with an iphone with a broken screen for decades.. Please please pick me:) twitter: @telmaglammedup come home to me dear HTC the one M8:)))

  3. okay apart from entering because i absolutely have to win because my phone cracked just before reading your review – you kill me in a good way!!! –> “don’t harass me multiple times on twitter asseblief” :’D hahahaha omg leigh you are just the best!!

  4. omg omg i wana win!!!!!!! would really really really love to win!! i bought a selfie stick and it takes ridiculous! no front camera and i cant see what pictures i take so now the selfie stick just sits in the cupboard collecting dust, im such a selfie addict and this would make my life so much easier! loved the review you did on it! shared on twitter, yase_khan shared on instagram, and emailed

  5. Tweeted!!!

    NEED to spoil my fingers and give my eyes the beauty they deserve!

    I’m officially g@tvol of this blerrie “frozen berry” – 4 years? Enough is Enough!!!

    Crossing my fingers and non-pedicured toes!

  6. tweeted, retweeted posted picture , instgram it, i need this for campus! i feel so silly with an old phone my last chance! win with lipglossgirlxoxo

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