So who’s going to win that Karl Lagerfeld watch?

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I was given a gorgeous Karl Lagerfeld watch to give away and have been running a comp called My Pet’s Cooler than Choupette. (Choupette is Karl’s super spoiled, first class-flying, caviar nibbling kitty.)

Zexy, zexy!
A Karl Lagerfeld ‘7’ watch, it’s worth R4 700.

To enter, you had to send me a piccie of your pet living the high life and while many of you did just that, the majority of the entries were a bit poor. We’re talking blurry cell cam shots of cats sitting on couches looking utterly bored with zero styling to indicate le glam le vie. In fact, the shots looked like those that people happened to just have at hand sommer. Those all totally didn’t cut it people. This is a Karl Lagerfeld watch and I want you to work for it.

Anyway, there were a few gems and I’ve selected them as the finalists. Take a look:

King London
King London












cropped collage final


King dog

Cuteness, ne?

Now, in order to pick a winner, I’ve gone all Idols-y and selected ‘four’ judges. The first two are my mom and sister who are both fur baby crazy. (Our whole family’s actually big into animals.) The ‘third’ is the peanut gallery at the ad agency I’m currently freelancing in and the fourth is you. Please drop me a comment (not an email) to let me know your top pick. The cut off point is 3pm today and the pet that gets the most votes will count as the reader’s choice. Ultimately, I’ll then take a look at those four ‘picks’ and hope to God we don’t end up with four different choices. But either way, the process will be pretty transparent.

So, let me know what’s floating your boat – we’ve got a watch to give away!

Love, love



A big congrats to Princess on winning the watch. The four finalists, chosen by my judges, were Reese, King London, Pumba and Princess (the latter two were a tie as voted by readers). I then handed them over to Barabara, the PR, who acted as the penultimate judge and decided that Princess got an A+ for effort.

Again, congratulations to Alizanne Mohr, proud owner of Princess and now that hot Karl Lagerfeld watch.

108 thoughts on “So who’s going to win that Karl Lagerfeld watch?

  1. Cody, no contest:) Now that’s one cool dog who clearly has been living the life for some time now πŸ˜‰

  2. To make a Rottweiler sit still with sunglasses, a Gucci bag and cheescake infront of it, the owner deserves the price! #Cody

    1. Are you sure you’re not the same person as Sasha from Evergreenprops? You have the same IP address. If Pumba gets one more suspicious vote I’m going to have to disqualify him.

  3. i quite like the obvious adoration shown by Izo’s fans! who am i to argue against such devotion, even if it is from creepy doll types!? i mean, some of them have even fainted in the background!
    King/Queen IZO gets my vote!! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh I hope I’m not too late — PRINCESS is the everyday cat that has stolen my heart!! Please count my vote!!!! πŸ™‚

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