Lush cosmetics have finally opened their V&A Cape Town store

You have NO IDEA how thrilled I am to have Lush cosmetics available in South Africa. Seriously. The first time I ever encountered them was when a bestie (love you Smeth!) took me to their Covent Garden store in London back in 2000. She was like ‘Oh my God, Leigh, you’re going to go wild in there’ and true’s Bob she had to pretty much drag me out by the hair.

Love, love, love!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand, let me give you a little run down; Lush make the most amazing handmade mostly vegan cosmetics, everything from fizzy bath bombs, shampoo bars and soap to cleansers, moisturisers and perfume.

Much like The Body Shop, they’re also against animal testing and have a strong set of ethics. The best bit tho is that their products smell amazing, do what they promise and all have an adorbsville element of quirk. (To give you an idea, some of their bestsellers have names like Honey I Washed the Kids soap and Buffy the Backside Slayer body scrub bar!)

The soap mountain at LUSH. You can slice off what you want and pay per gram.

Fresh face masks that are kept on ice as they need to be kept in your fridge at home and have an expirary date.

Lush do cosmetics too and have a colour wheel that’s linked to your emotions. The shades I picked out turned out to be linked to the words ‘Glamour’, ‘Believe’ and ‘Strong’.

Due to a flight mix up, I wasn’t able to make the official launch but popped into the store the next day (in the V&A near The Body Shop and Rain) and felt like the veritable kid in a candy store. Being able to pick up whatever I wanted, sniff it, touch it and pop it into my trolley was such a treat as I’m so used to having to browse online and then beg and plead with foreign friends to bring the items down for me.

Anyway, I immediately started filling up my basket, treating myself to an amazing-smelling Big Blue bath bomb:

Filled with lavender, lime and seaweed, I think this is what Tom Hanks popped into his bath tub to turn Daryll Hannah back into Splash.

I also picked up a Blue Skies and White Fluffy Clouds bubble bar; it’s packed with patchouli and other exotic Eastern oils like Frankincense and Cinnamon. Bubble bars are awesome in that they’re big cake-like things that looks like dried out Play-Do, but you can break them into bits, hold them under running water and create a beautifully scented bubble bath.

Blue Skies is on the right.

Back in London, I used to be obsessed with their Creamy Candy bubble bar; its formula includes chunks of skin-softening cocoa butter and smells like vanilla and almonds. It’s funny how your senses evolve; ‘cos now I’m definitely more of a Blue Skies kinda girl.

Other favourites? Their Godiva shampoo bar!

Godiva is the yellowy-orange on up front.

Godiva is a jasmine-scented pattycake of shampoo mingled with different natural butters and oils. It’s intended as a 2-in-1 shampoo but I used to use it on my colour-treated, sort-of-damaged locks and then follow up with a light conditioner.

If I wasn’t planning on moving into a new flat soon, I’d have gone completely wild in the store and can’t wait to be settled so I can go back and snag an Aqua Mirabilis, a buttery scrub bar that smells like digestive biscuits and uses ground almond shells to buff your bits.

This is another old favourite that really works like a bomb.

Oh! And I also want to get my mitts on Lemony Flutter; a lemon and mango butter-infused cuticle balm… Wiccy Magic Muscles, a cinnamon and peppermint oil massage bar… Rock Star soap (which, to me, smells like pink bubblegum, candyfloss and cream)… the list goes on and on. Seriously girls, this is like my new favourite store. If you know me and it’s birthday time, you can count on getting a big ass goodie bag or beautifully packaged gift box from Lush.

Happy happy bietse!

Have you popped into the new store yet? Are you also an old fan like me? What are your favourite goodies? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Love, love


8 thoughts on “Lush cosmetics have finally opened their V&A Cape Town store

  1. I was there last week and bought a Dragon Egg fizz ball. Immediate addiction! Had to go back yesterday for another fix!

  2. Oh wow!!!! I swear I am smelling these, just by reading your post and looking at the photo’s!!!! It’s my biiiiirthday today!!!!! Anyone wana send me a LUSH voucher?????? 🙂

  3. Was at Lush on Sunday. Was blown away by the energy.. There was nothing zenny about it. But mostly I was taken by the completely insane staff. And don’t get me started on the solid perfumes … Looooooooooopve loooooooove it .

  4. Am OBSESSED with LUSH at the moment! Went in and treated myself to a complete skincare makeover. Got the 9-5 make up remover (as they were out of Ultrabland), Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser, Tea Tree Water Toner and the Vanishing Cream. Absolutely amazeballs together! Also got the Jackie Oates colour supplement – perfect tinted moisturizer for summer. Will be going back soon to indulge in bath bombs and bubble bars soon! Love love love!

  5. I am completely head over heels with Lush since a recent trip to their Newry store in Ireland when i was abroad… SO happy to see them in SA. Albiet Kaapstad… its better than nothing! LOVE the Creme Anglaise and the Shower Jelly….. Swoooooooooooon!!

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