Reviews: Dermalogica AGE Smart dynamic skin recovery, Clarins 3-dot liner and L’Oreal L’Extraordinaire by Color Riche lip colours

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Dermalogica AGE Smart dynamic skin recovery SPF 50

Finding a high SPF sunscreen that doesn’t grease up my face or leave it with a nasty white-ish cast used to be an ‘ish’ for me but, thankfully, formulations have come along fabulously and Dermalogica’s new dynamic skin recovery SPF 50.

Love the pump bottle. Much niftier than a tube.

Aside from offering a nice, high SPF, this crème-gel formula also makes use of antioxidant white tea extract, a polypeptide complex that helps stimulate collagen as well as prevent its gylcation (when it goes all hard and loses its stretch). There’s also a little yeast extract and phytoestrogens in the mix to help keep your skin firmer for longer.

Multi-tasking cleverness aside, I like how this feels on my skin in that it hydrates well but doesn’t leave me feeling greasy and, thanks to microscopic reflective particles, it gives my skin a bit of a glow. Still, I reckon those with a medium to slightly drier skin type will like it best. Oh! And while I know this is fickle and pathetic, I really, really like the way this smells but can’t really describe it. Maybe ylang ylang-lavender-rose?

Either way, there’s lots to love about this anti-aging sunscreen so, if you’ve got a bit more disposable income than the rest of us (at R990, it’s not the cheapest on the shelf), you might want to consider it.

Clarins 3-dot liner, R230.

Pencil, liquid, felt-tip, gel… just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to eyeliner, Clarins go and introduce their new 3-dot liner. What makes this li’l darling so different? Well for one, it’s a felt tip-style liner but with three little prongs!

To apply it, you’re to simply ‘stamp’ it along your upper lash line until all the dots connect which makes creating a single line a lot easier if this is something you struggle with. You also don’t have to connect the dots at all – just having them there, nice and close to the base of your eyelashes creates the illusion of a fuller-looking lash line.


L’Oreal L’Extraordinaire by Color Riche lip colours, R169,95, each.

At first, I was tempted to draw comparisons between L’Oreal’s new liquid lipstick and YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture glossy stains but, while L’Oreal’s packaging echo’s YSL’s a little, the similarities stop there. L’Oreal’s lip colours don’t leave a stain in their wake and are also a lot more glossy – like a nicely pigmented lipgloss as opposed to a liquid lipstick. I also much prefer L’Oreal’s applicator – it’s not as wide and less tapered than YSL’s very diamond-shaped one.

Texture-wise, these babies aren’t sticky at all and feel incredibly light on your lips with a silicone-y-like texture. I can also spot Argan oil in the ingredients list (about mid way) and can’t ever imagine them drying anyone out. The only downer here is that the colour doesn’t ‘hold’ too long. Luckily, reapplying is a treat in that the gloss has a sweet, fruity flavour.

Non-flash and flash swatches from top to bottom are Rose Melody, Rose Finale and Rouge Opera.

While Rose Finale and Melody are very pretty, they tend to do what many milky or pale colours do, which is create teensy little vertical lines on your lips and that drives me crazy. This isn’t the case with Ruby Opera, however. I love how this flattering blue-based rooi creates the illusion of whiter teeth and that its intensity can be built, from sheer to intense, depending on how many slicks you apply.

Love, love


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