Reviews: The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus, L’Oreal Infallible Gel nail colours and Clicks Tissue Oil spray

And we’re off…

The Body Shop launches its Fijian Water Lotus line

If cool, aquatic scents like Davidoff Cool Water Woman, Armani Acqua Di Gioia and Issey Miyake are your jam, you’re going to luuurve The Body Shop’s new Fijian Water Lotus line. It’s also a fresh, watery scent made up of aquatic, water lotus and frangipani accords that immediately gets you in a summer holiday kind of mood regardless of how many times one of your douche bag editors sends you a badly written brief and then throws a full on fit ‘cos you didn’t give them what they magically expected you to know that they wanted. (Not that that’s a real example or anything. Ahem.)

Fijian Water
The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus body lotion.

But ja. This line up is summer in a bottle and, lucky for you, includes several bottles – a shower gel, body lotion, body butter, body mist and EDT. I was given the body lotion (R125) and appreciate that it hydrates well yet absorbs fast, leaving a hint of the aquatic-floral scent in its wake – enough so that you can still smell it if you put your nose to your skin, but it’s not going to upstage your perfume.

Ingredients-wise, the lotion’s infused with hydrating glycerin, Shea butter, Brazil nut oil and sesame seed oil as well as the teensiest dash of Fijian water lotus extract itself. In short, this is lovely stuff.

L’Oreal now offer Infallible Gel nail colours

Exclusive to Dis-Chem, L’Oreal’s Infallible Gel nail colours (R99,95) promise to challenge the shine and strength of a gel nail mani. And do they? Er. No. Not at all. On me, a gel mani lasts up two weeks on my hands and seemingly forever on my toes and L’Oreal’s newbies don’t survive any longer than a regular mani.

Forever Burgundy up top and Fuschia For Life down below.

Still, I do like them. Very, very much. For one, the fact that the colour includes a very nice top coat is great. I love topcoats and go through them like a 2L All Gold tomato cocktail after a big night out. Shade-wise, I was given three to try and am having a love affair with Fuschia For Life. It’s not fuchsia in the least but more of a pinky-coral type of hue that really flatters my skin tone and is a fab ‘it’s almost spring time’ transition from my usual wintery red.

I also really like Forever Burgundy. It’s a sexy and sophisticated colour and the top coat makes it gleam in a way that, yes, it could be mistaken for a gel-style mani.

Clicks has its own Tissue Oil Spray and I love it!

I’m having quite the love affair with body oils at the mo – I love how they seem to ‘plump’ more than body lotions and give my haggard, semi-old person skin a regte glow – and Clicks’ new Tissue Oil spray (price TBA) is one of the nicest I’ve used in ages. Hoekom? Well for starters, it smells absolutely delish, almost like patchouli, even though this isn’t listed in the ingredients list.

Clicks Tissue Oil spray
Clicks Tissue Oil spray

Oils that are in the mix, however, include lavender, rosemary and calendula as well as a bit of chamomile extract and retinly palmitate (a super mild version of collagen-boosting retinol). This product claims to help with scarring, uneven skin tone and stretch marks. Personally, I’ve never used a tissue oil that’s had a visible effect on any of those so I can’t comment there, but it does a bang up job of hydrating and the fact that it’s in a spritzer bottle as opposed to globby one makes it super easy to apply. If you see me out and about in a skirt later on this summer, chances are I’ll be wearing this boy on my legs.

Love, love


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