The results of my final Edgars shopping spree and how you can win one too!

So this week saw me back in Edgars, merrily blowing the final gift card their PR company was kind enough to spoil me with. The very first item I snapped up was a pair of black skinny leg jeans from their Free2BU section – a total steal for less than R189,95!

Tam said my butt looked small in this pic
Please forgive how blown out these shots look. It was seriously cloudy today with lots of reflect.

I really like how they fit nice and snugly around your butt but don’t dig in at the waist. They also have the exact amount of stretch – not so little that they feel stiff or hard and not too much so that they end up sagging around your crotch as the day goes on – never a good look.

I then picked out yet another Free2BU ‘photo print’ top (R179,95) and yes, I know, I know… it’s a bit similar to other one I bought last time but I’m going through a serious photo print top phase, okay? Also, it is different in that it’s not as baggy, doesn’t sport batwing sleeves and is a more spring-y white as opposed to cream. The perfect top to help you transition from the cold to warm but not yet summery temperatures.

Speaking of ‘transition’ items, how much do we lurrrve this black Kelso cardi (R349,95)?

Love this
It’s super light and, being 3/4 sleeves, its also a total must-have for ‘in between’ type of weather. I then layered my look further with the addition of a scarf.

My final item? A cute li’l Kelso polka dot shirt (R299,95). Spots are having a bit of a mo right now and I think it looks great with the jeans. It’s the kind of thing I’d happily wear out to a lunch time launch and has inspired me to keep an eye out for a cute bow headband to complete the look.

Cute yet still chic thanks to the addition of grown-up patent peep toes and a bit o’ bling.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about you and how you can win a R1000 Edgars gift card of your own.

There are two ways to enter and the first is for all the tweeters. All you have to do is follow Edgars on and twitter @EdgarsFashion and drop me a tweet that reads as follows: Hey @lipglossgirl! I’ve just entered your comp to win a R1000 Edgars gift card. RT and follow @EdgarsFashion to enter.

I realise a lot of you don’t have twitter, so in that case, entry method number two is for you: Simply drop me a mail on with the subject line ‘That Edgars gift card is mine!’

I’ll be drawing a candidate from both pools just after 5pm on 1 August and then have whoever’s around me at the time ‘pick a hand’ that’ll reveal the winner who’ll be notified that same day.

Sound good? Keen to go for it? This is me wishing you all the best of luck.

Love, love


Update: A big congrats to Jess Gamble who won the gift card. I hope she enjoys her prize. To everyone else, better luck next time. This won’t be the last competition I run on my blog.

9 thoughts on “The results of my final Edgars shopping spree and how you can win one too!

  1. Such a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of Women’s Month! 😀 WOW! Go girl power!!! 😀

    Tweeted and shared!

  2. I was told that a fair girl should wear silver jewelry as opposed to gold, but the gold looks really beautiful on you. Mmm wonder if gold will work on my milky bar skin. :/

  3. Oh almost forgot you look absolutely gorgeous especially with the polka dot shirt, the jeans and that cute little peep toe heels awwwww!!!! 🙂

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