A peek behind the scenes at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2014

So Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town has finally come and gone. Sjoe!

Is it super sad that the killer bobotie in the media lounge was one of the weeks' biggest highlights?
Is it sad that the killer good bobotie in the media lounge was one of my weeks’ biggest highlights? I had four of them and wouldn’t even put it down for pictures. (Speaking of which, if you want to make my collages bigger, just click on them.)

On day one, Clouds and I dropped by ghd’s pop up studio who were kind enough to treat us to a new do. I’m always so impressed by anyone who’s able to make curls using a ghd. I’ve tried this myself often and just never gotten the hang of it so big up’s to the stylist who gave me a full set of gorgeous waves in five minutes flat. This is the joy of using the brand’s top of the range Eclipse styler. As it’s space age plates distribute the heat so evenly, it works lightning fast and gets the job done right with just one stroke so you don’t have to go over your hair repeatedly and subject it to excessive heat.

How zexy is that white Eclipse on the left? It looks like something out of Star Wars.
How zexy is that white Eclipse on the left? It looks like something out of Star Wars.

Show-wise, I didn’t view the whole shebang this year but caught a few of the biggies. From an ‘entertainment’ point of view, I enjoyed Gavin Rajah’s show. From the evocative music and sexy fuchsia lighting to the way billions of pink confetti showered onto the ramp during the finale… I just felt like I’d been treated to a real ‘show’.

By the way, I don’t have any decent runway piccies to show you. My camera’s simply too slow to capture movement. But if you pop on over to SDR Photo you’ll find all the best images from all the shows.

Later that eve I nipped backstage (thanks Caterina!) to chat to Michelle-Lee Collins, MAC’s senior make-up artist, and was thrilled to see that our behind the scenes really does look like the backstage you catch a glimpse of on Fashion TV. Everything was ‘glamorous chaos’, with tattoo-bedecked, heavily-pierced make-up artists shrieking stuff like ‘Pass me a 217!’ and ‘I need that chair in two!’. The whole place was strewn with make-up as far as the eye could see, intermingling with half-drunk energy drinks and jelly sweets. Then, in between the chaos, serene-looking models calmly scrolled through their Instagram timelines while their pretty faces got painted to perfection.

Beautiful, organised chaos backstage back with MAC Cosmetics.

Michelle told me, that of all the zillions of cosmetics and beauty tools they used that day, the hero’s where MAC’s 168 Large Angled Contour brush (‘I’ve been using this for everything – applying and buffing in foundation… sculpting cheeks… doing eyes… everything’), her eye lash curlers and MAC Prep + Prime CC powders. (‘They just set everything to perfection…’)

To celebrate the end of day one and the kick off to the week, PR co Vivid Luxury hosted a Belvedere vodka ‘Illuminate the Night’ VIP party at Coco’s, a club in town. This involved mooi meisies issuing vodka shots poured from a giant ‘Belvedere bear’.

Like all good parties, this ended up up the 24-hour Woolies Engen on Orange.
Like all good parties, this ended up up the 24-hour Steers at the Woolies Engen on Orange.

As far as day two goes, I skipped out on that due to other commitments but was never going to miss the KlukGCDT event on day 3. This was the one show that didn’t actually take place at the CTICC like all the others. Instead, it was held at the designers’ new store on the corner of Bree and Waterkant streets in town and the ‘show’ took the form of an installation, with models strewn around the venue in various poses. This particular event was fashion week’s hottest ticket in town so it was jam packed with fashion folk and peppered with a host of local celebs that included comedian Marc Lottering, TV’s Jen Su and radio’s Elana Afrika.

Jen Su and socialite Thandie Kupe sitting pretty at KlukCGDT up top and our slick ride down below on the left.

I actually didn’t stay long as Jen had to appear at Shimmy Beach Club later to host a party for a limo rental company called Limousine Extreme. They’d given her one to play with for the night and she invited me to hitch a ride back to the CTICC to catch the Fabiani show (hot boys in suits, yes please!) This is how I ended up cruising around town in a big, pink, champers-filled limo. This turned out to be an awesome way to pick up hot, (gay) model boys (‘Hey baby! Wanna ride in my big, pink car?’) and we all agreed hiring one would be a super fun way to add a little excitement to any bachelorette or matric dance. Hardly a bad way to end a fun, crazy week.

Love, love


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