Label. m hair products have landed in South Africa

Created by the makers of Toni & Guy, label. m is a professional salon line of hair products that hails from the UK. They’re all about ‘fashion’ and are very proud of the fact that they’re the official hair care brand of London Fashion Week. In a way, in regards to how they position themselves and what not, they kind of come off quite similarly to MAC Cosmetics in that they’re all about trends and serve up a host of goodies to create innovative new looks. I mean, their styling and finishing lines alone include over 30 products – everything from serums, powders and pastes to ‘fibres’ and something called ‘Resurrection Style Dust’.

I got to sit down with the importer and the PR at Hard Pressed Cafe at the foreshore (lovely spot!) and play with a bunch of their stuff and was most impressed with the brand’s Honey & Oat shampoo (R240) and conditioner (R260) if only because of its awesome scent. It literally smells exactly like a honey-drizzled spiced rooibos cappuccino and I had to stop myself from adding a squeeze to the regular cappuccino I was drinking at the time.

Forgive the blurry group product shot, I must've had pastry on the lense
Forgive the blurry group shot, I must’ve had something smeared on my lens.

I did, however, get to try the Label. m Men Daily Moisturising shampoo (R310) and Moisturising conditioner (R260).

It's got a fancy pants 'tear drop'-style shape.
This is the shampoo – it’s got a fancy pants ‘teardrop’-style bottle.

When I first started using the shampoo, I didn’t realise it was intended for le boys and was all ‘God, why does this smell so incredibly masculine? It’s a like peppermint-infused NIVEA shower gel…’ and then I looked at the packaging closely and read ‘Label. Men‘ as well as ‘dual action scalp therapy and body wash’. Aha! I then made a mental note to pass it off to my dad but have since decided to keep it as the scent doesn’t linger and it does a very nice job of cleansing my hair well but without making it feel too heavy or simply ‘not clean enough’ as other hydrating shampoos have done in the past.

As for the Moisturising conditioner, this is a very nice.

Can you tell I'm working in bed today? Jislaaik, but it's cold.
Can you tell I’m working in bed today? My zexy heater blanket and I have morphed into one.

Infused with aloe, Echinacea and currant extract to hydrate while wheat and soy protein strengthen, it also includes a little UV ray and heat protection in the mix. Scent-wise, it smells like an aloe body lotion or hand cream.

I like that it leaves my hair easy to detangle and looking smooth after drying, again without any heaviness. Yay for me and my super fine, colour treated hair but I reckon anyone who’s struggling with seriously parched locks might be better off with the Intensive Repair conditioner (R380) or the Intensive mask (R275).

My only gripe is that the packaging is a bit ‘stiff’ and requires two hands to squeeze out a good dollop – so I have to pump it out onto my leg and scoop it onto my hair as opposed to directly into my palm. But hey, maybe that’s just me. Or the universes way of telling me to toss my ‘boy’ shampoo into a kit bag and hit the gym.

Anyway, if you’re keen to try label. m yourself, you’ll find it selected salons and Splush stores near you.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Label. m hair products have landed in South Africa

  1. I’ve used this product twice at a Sorbet Salon and can honestly say my hair felt amazing.

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