Here’s what went down at the Hayden Quinn South Africa premiere

Last night saw the premier of Hayden Quinn South Africa, a new show about the Aussie foodie in which he cooks, eats and adventures his way across SA while learning more about various sustainability projects and a greener way to live.

I know, I know… this post’s a bit of a departure from mascara reviews and nail polish swatches but I totally had to ‘humble’ brag all about it as I wrote the voice over for the show *hair flick, head toss*. Seriously though, this is something I’m super proud of. While I’ve written TV commercials in the past, this is my very first full length show – even though I only created the voice over – the bits where Hayden chats to the audience off camera.

Hayden Quinn South Africa
Hayden Quinn South Africa – Mondays, 9:30 on SABC 3.

Anyway, to celebrate the flight of episode one, a bunch of us got together at Expresso’s studios to watch it along with Hayden himself. While Thirst provided nutritious fruit and veg cocktails, Hayden himself served up a yummy bobotie – the same one he learns to cook in the Bo-Kaap in episode one – served out of a giant pumpkin. The best bit, however, was the ‘sustainable, SASSI-approved marshmallow fish braai.

That frozen margarita was made with freshly squeezed orange juice and tasted delish.  As for the bobotie bowls, they were totally edible and tasted a bit like Digestive biscuit.

Peeps-wise, the crowd included a mix of those who’d worked on the show, local personalities and media including these guys:

Going clockwise you’ve got Hayden and I; Expresso’s Graeme Richards, foodie blogger Dax Villaneuva, local Masterchef winner Kamini Pather and Good Hope FM’s Sean O; Expresso’s Michelle Sansom and Leigh-Anne Williams; Expresso’s Mark Bland and Dax once more and food and travel writer Dawn Jorgensen, one of the nicest chica’s on twitter. 

The radness that is Tayla Goldberg from Nifty 250 was there too, providing guests with Instagram print outs of both the event itself as well as shots taken against a photo wall with cutesy props.

See, mom? I told you I eat my veggies!
Terry Richardson, eat your heart out.

To learn more about the show get clicky clicky over here. You can also enter a series of competitions to stay in the fancy pants guest houses Hayden visits throughout the show as well as the big kahuna – a trip to Sydney where you’ll get to hang out with Hayden himself.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Here’s what went down at the Hayden Quinn South Africa premiere

  1. I thought I saw your name on the credits .. well done – I think he is just fabulous, what a lovely project to be have been part of. You go girl!!!

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