Review: Love sugared almonds? You’ll adore INOAR BB Cream for hair serum

Really? BB Cream for hair? It seems as though pretty much anything offering multiple benefits is fair game to be slapped with a BB Cream label. My bloody Aquafresh tooth paste might as well be BB Cream for teeth. But still, snarkiness aside, I do like Brazilian brand INOAR’s new BB Cream for Hair serum (R460).

Its formulation is similar if not identical to most of the other hair serums I’ve tried – silicone with handful of other natural oils in the mix – but this is all you really need to do the job when it comes to ‘sleekening’/de-frizzing. So, what makes me love it? The super pretty smell! (Yes, I’m really that shallow.) All the goodies in the range, to some degree, boast a sweet sugared almond scent, The serum serves up the most of it and it stays in your hair for ages. I like that every time I give someone a hug (and I do that a lot) they go ‘Ooh, your hair smells nice!’.

Serum-aside, the other products that make up the collection are a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and mask. They promise to help hydrate and restore your hair, ‘provide nutrition to the capillary’, enhance brightness, add softness, calm frizz and ‘replace mass’. (I have no clue what the last bit means either).

INOAR BB Cream for hair collection
Pretty in pink: INOAR’s BB Cream for hair collection. The serum is second from the right.

Formulation-wise, the range makes use of natural oils like sunflower and sesame oils, is rich in omegas and completely free of sulphates. The latter is important if you have a Brazilian-style blowout; using a shampoo with sulphates in it will decrease the longevity of your treatment. Sulphate-free shampoos are also less drying and aren’t as likely to irritate sensitive scalps.

I tried the shampoo and conditioner but they didn’t work out for me, alas. Understandably so as they’re aimed at those with curly or ‘ethnic’ hair, ideally if they’ve just had a Brazilian-style blowout (INOAR’s primary product focus is in-salon Brazilian-style straightening treatments.) and I’m a fine-haired chica. Still, I’m having zero ‘ish’ with the serum; it works well and smells delish!

If you’re keen on trying INOAR’s BB Cream for hair you’ll find it in selected Sorbet salons or can get in touch with a rep in your area.

Love, love


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