A fun evening in with Wonderfontein Estate’s Paul Rene MCC Brut bubbly

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I was spoiled with the most fabulous press pack from Wonderfontein Estate: two bottles of their finest Paul Rene MCC Brut and a super cute handcrafted cheeseboard in a very pretty pink ‘trunk’.

Pretty, pretty!
The elegant li’l ribbon on each hand labelled and packed bottle is real; no nasty paper rubbish here, darlings.

Handpicked chardonnay grapes that are picked early in the morning and then chilled overnight are used to create Paul Rene MCC Brut. Each bottle is fermented for 20 months or more and the end result, according to the estate’s website, is ‘a vibrant mousse, apricot and green apple freshness with an emphatic and persistent dry finish’. Each year, only 3000 bottles are made.

Naturally, I wasted no time in throwing together a Cheese n’ Bubbles evening for a few friends, pairing Paul Rene’s finest with a nice mix of cold meat, super stinky cheese (oh yes!) and various other snacky items.

The evening’s winner was definitely Woolies’ Cremezola creamy blue-style cheese while the ultra fishy Mediterranean Delicacies taramasalata didn’t make any friends, alas.

I’m thrilled to say that myself and every single one of my friends were all super impressed with Paul Rene’s bubbles. We loved that it was deliciously dry, incredibly easy to drink yet tasted very expensive. The bottle also looks gorgeous making it the kind of thing you’d be happy to pop open at a wedding, birthday or baby shower. A regte crowd pleaser.

Where was Rupert when I was putting up my curtain rail?
Tam’s the blonde in blue, Ina’s the mooi brunette and Robyn has dazzling white teeth for someone who smokes 12 cucumber sticks a day. Rupert, Tam’s hubby, is the tall boy top left and all I can say is: Dude, where the hell where you when I put up my bloody curtain rails?!

The evening got increasingly merrily as the delish bubbly kept on flowing. Perhaps a bit too merry as, looking back on my pics, I’ve just remembered that someone broke one of my new champagne glasses and, for the life of me, I can’t remember who it was!

Tam, was it you? Robyn?! Both girls look pretty guilty if you ask me...
Tam, was it you? Robyn?! Both girls look pretty guilty if you ask me…

Being an anal cow who likes her things to be matchy matchy it looks like I’ll be buying a full set of champagne glasses soon. And when I do, I know exactly which bubbly I’ll be very happy to break them in with. Thank you Paul Rene MCC and the girls from Little Black Book PR, this was a fun night in.

Want to try Paul Rene MCC Brut yourself? You’ll find them at Taste of Cape Town this weekend. Pop by their stand to enter their competition and you could win a 2 night stay for 2 at Wonderfontein Estate. You can also snap up a box of six online from Laverne Wine Boutique at R140 a unit.

Love, love


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