The results of my sale shopping spree on, er,

Remember how we chatted about’s end of season sale the other day? They were kind enough to give me a voucher to blow on the site and I went a bit mal, snapping up goodies for my home as well as my wardrobe. I mean, at up to 75% off, how can you not whip out le credit card?

Anyway, ordering online was a total breeze and, within two days, my goodies were delivered directly to my door for free. For free!

So, what did I get? I’m going to show you, the first item being this super cute batwing top with shoulder patches for R200.

I picked up the necklace ages back from Sass Diva and just stuck it there for styling purposes.
The necklace is something I picked up ages back from Sass Diva. It’s just there for styling purposes.

Teamed with black skinnies and ankle boots, you’re looking at a super easy casual autumn get up, the kind of thing I’d wear to dinner at a friend or if I were to shop like a caveman and hit up an actual mall.

I also found Spree’s homeware section pretty browse-worthy as I’ve recently moved and am in the final stages of kitting out my new apartment. I’m looking for things like scatter cushions to decorate my currently bare couch. I’m also toying with the idea of getting a Swivel Sweeper to replace my broom ‘cos it’s the only thing my little sister seems to be able to talk about. (Seriously, that chick should be a rep for a Verimaak…) A cake stand, however, is the very last thing I need. In fact, it would be a pretty stupid thing to buy so obviously I fell head over heels in love the moment I laid eyes on this Pause Room birdie-bedecked cake stand for R198, marked down from R295.

I’m more of a savoury gal so I’m showing it off with a  Woolies chicken pie. Making the li’l birdie sit next to it probably isn’t very nice of me but hey life is tough, yo.

The fact that I’m buying cake stands as opposed to shoes is clearly a sign I’m getting dangerously deep into Old Bag Territory. To make matters worse, I now I feel obliged to host tea parties with all my Old Bag friends just so I can show off my kifftastical cake stand. It’s only a matter of time until we’re all wearing banana clips…

Moving on! I also snapped up a gorgeous Vanilla Concrete bullet vase for R124. This is something I actually really needed as my friend Clouds popped over with a ‘Happy New Year/flat warming’ bouquet the other day and I realised I had nothing to put them in.

No more flowers in the sink for me!
No more flowers in the sink for me! Enrique, my unicorn, approves.

Anyway, I’m completely thrilled with Spree and won’t hesitate to buy from them again. If you’d like to blow a little moolah in their store too, realise that now would be a good time to do it; the end of season sale is still on and they’ve just restocked the shelves.

Go get ’em girls!

Love, love


5 thoughts on “The results of my sale shopping spree on, er,

  1. Gorgeous goodies! I’m so impressed with the ease of their online shopping and purchasing process. Got a few fantastic grabs as well and will deffos shop with them again – go pick your bday gift so long 😉

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