Korres Wild Rose Brightening & Smoothing serum review

After a very long wait, Korres cosmetics and skin care products are now finally available in South Africa via selected Edgars stores. For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, it hails from Greece and prides itself on using natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

I was given a few items from the Wild Rose line which is mostly focused on hydration and has products for both oily-combination and drier skin types. Of everything I tried, I most liked this boy:

Korres Wild Rose Brightening & Line Smoothing serum R495, selected Edgars stores.

Korres’ serum contains 77,6-percent natural ingredients and makes use of lots of antioxidant vitamin C to assist in evening out your skin tone while boosting collagen production. There are lots of other beneficial natural ingredients in the mix including soothing witch hazel water and hydrating baobab pulp extract which, Korres reckon, can help smooth out fine lines.

I like the fact that this is silicone-free and doesn’t contain any parabens. Better yet, it’s packaged in a nice air-tight pump to keep the actives nice and stable. (For the record, vitamin C is notoriously tricky to stabilise. Don’t ever bother with a product that touts vitamin C as one of its main ingredients but packages it in a jar. It’s going to lose its potency the moment it’s exposed to light or air.)

Texture-wise, the serum kind of feels like Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair before it got reformulated. It feels like ‘water’ and sinks in super-fast so you’re free to apply your moisturiser within seconds. I liked that, despite providing additional moisture, it didn’t aggravate my oily T-panel in the least. If you’re looking for a brightening treatment but don’t want to break out the hard guns just yet (and by this I mean hydroquinone which is perfectly safe and available via a script from your dermatologist), Korres’s Wild Rose serum option is a nice enough ‘natural’ option.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for Korres goodies in selected Edgars stores, coming soon at the end of November. Just two of their bestsellers that have a bit of a cult following and are totally worth checking out include their Guava body butter and lip butters (available in various tints). Personally, I think their eye shadows are amazing; they glide on with just a single stroke, last all day and the colour selection is similar to Smashbox in that everything’s really wearable and flattering.

Love, love


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