So Two Ocean’s sent me a whole bunch o’ booze

The sweet peeps at Two Oceans wines sent me two pakkies of booze this month; the first being two bottlejies of their ‘classic’ fare along with a duo of flatbreads. Alas, I don’t have a shot of the flatbreads to show you as I ripped the package open the moment it arrived and ate it all in bed while hunched over my laptop, crushing a killer Cosmo deadline.

Oh hello there Two Oceans vino!
Oh hello there Two Oceans vino!

Not the most glamorous way to do it, especially since Two Oceans suggested I paired them with their vino. Apparently the lemony sumac-flavoured dukkah variant (it was delish!) would’ve been the best accompaniment with their zesty Sauv Blanc which boasts green, tropical flavours.

They also sent me a quick and easy recipe to make my own flatbreads but it requires running the dough through a pasta machine to get it super duper thin. I don’t know about you but I have zero time for that shizz and surely only 2% of the population own a pasta machine. I mean, you don’t own a pasta machine, right? Or maybe I’m totally wrong. A total culinary troglodyte. Whatevs. All I know is that when I want to entertain ‘quick and easy’ I hit up the deli section in Woolies. They have a new caramelised onion and balsamic dip that I’ve been dying to try for ages now.

Anyone tried this dude? Is he worth the kJ?
Anyone tried this dude? Is he worth the kJ?

But ja, that’s a total side bar. Let’s get back to Two Oceans vino. It’s only R35 a bottle so one might assume it would be utterly shit but actually, the Sauv Blanc’s pretty good. Light and easy to drink, Two Ocean’s say it would pair well with Thai dishes, chicken or fish but I thought it went down a treat with the left over pizza my flatmate forgot to take to work with her (Sorry Kim!)

My second vino pakkie contained a bottle of Two Ocean’s new-ish low alcohol, low kilojoule wine; Quay 5 Rose (PRICE) which I’ve chatted about before.

This tastes like candy floss. Maybe you'll hate that, but I actually don't mind so much.
This tastes like candy floss. Maybe you’ll hate that, but I actually don’t mind so much.

This came along with the coolest little gadget ever, a duo pack of mini breathalyzers to ensure you don’t go rondlooping in your car while over the limit. I haven’t used them yet but have popped them in my clutch for for the party season.


If you’re counting your pennies this month but still want a very decent white or a few low cal options, Two Oceans have a wine or two worth popping in your trolley. Unless, of course, you’re a vino snob. Then you can just drink water mos.

Love, love


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