Want to win a pair of Louboutin heels courtesy of J. C. Le Roux’s new La Fleurette?

So J. C. Le Roux have a new champers on the shelves, but get this; it’s non-alcoholic. ‘Champagne’ with all the bubbles but none of the booze.

New J C Le Roux La Fleurette non-alcoholic bubbly
New J. C. Le Roux La Fleurette non-alcoholic bubbly

While La Fleurette isn’t something I’m likely to drink too often, I’m glad it exists if only to help me groom my cousin’s kids for a taste of the finer things in life next time Auntie Leila pops in for a visit.

But ja. Let’s get down to business; aside from their new La Fleurette, J. C. Le Roux also sent me a box of treats that included Nicki Minaj’s new scent, Pink Friday. All this with a card informing me I’d been selected to take part in a competition along with nine other bloggers to create a post, or better yet, a campaign, for their new non-booze online. Then, if they deemed mine the best, I’d win a pair of Louboutin shoes worth R8000. Jinne!

La Fleurette
Ag dankie man, J. C. Le Roux.

Still, I wasn’t sure if this was something I wanted to do. I mean, I don’t create campaigns for free and I don’t understand the allure of overpriced shoes. However, I do like a challenge so I started to suss out the competition.

By lunch time last week Friday, it was a case of so far so good but then I saw that Carlin, she of Superficialgirls.com fabulousness, had also had the La Fleurette gauntlet tossed at her stillettos. Fok.

Pretty pretty Carlin
Pretty pretty Carlin

If you read Carlin’s blog, you’ll know she’s got the shot-styling eye of the tiger and can nail the girlie pink, floralista vibe they’re after in her sleep. In a nutshell, this chick has pretty much won hands down. Still, I’m not giving up just yet. I’ve just realised I’m going to have to rope in a little help as I’m seriously time poor right now and my floralista attempts are pretty weak. For example, this is the only floral item of clothing I own but I’d need to anorexorise for three weeks to fit into it.


Prop-wise, my space is a little low on flora. The best I can rustle up at short notice is this semi-dead protea I picked up at a Poetry/Old Khaki launch.

Posing it up with my protea, yo.
Posing it up with my protea, yo.

I mean sure, I could totes swing round to Mr P and pick up one these God awful floral ‘festival’ headbands but honestly, I just couldn’t be assed.

I wanted to deep etch this and Photoshop it onto my head but haven't had the time.
I then considered deep etching a piccie of it and Photoshopping it onto my head but haven’t had the time.

So ja. It’s clear I’m not going to win this on my own which is why I’m coming to you.

Win! Win! Win!

Please send me a shot of you involving something ‘pink’ or ‘floral’. I’m a beggar that can’t be a chooser right now, so I’ll take pretty much anything. An old Facebook snap of you wearing a hideous pink bridesmaid rokkie. A blurry cell phone shot of you holding a pink plastic flower between your teeth. Whatevs. I’m dirty ‘n desp. I’ll take freakin’ anything.

Once I get your piccies, I’ll use the best of the bunch to make mooi collages in an attempt to impress the J. C. Le Roux peeps. I’ll then enter the names of everyone who sent me a piccie into a bowl and draw a name. If Carlin or another blogger wins this comp, I’ll award that name the Nicky Minaj perfume plus a few other beauty goodies. However, if J. C. Le Roux declare me the winner, I’ll give that same person the Louboutins. Yep, you heard me. If I win, you get the shoes. Clearly I’m not much of a shoe girl.

Do we have a deal? You’ve got until the end of this week to send me your piccies.

So, to recap: Send me a shot of your pretty li’l self creatively involving floral or pink to glossycomps@gmail.com and let’s kick Carlin’s ass!

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

6 thoughts on “Want to win a pair of Louboutin heels courtesy of J. C. Le Roux’s new La Fleurette?

  1. This is exactly why i follow your blog…apart from the honest reviews of course. You really are hilariously hilarious!!! 😉

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