This year’s Glamouraid charity ball raised over half a million for a good cause

So this weekend I got my Cinderella on and hit up the Glamouraid charity ball held at the Bay Hotel in Camps Bay.

Up top:
Up top: Ball belles Sharlene Lawrence, Sue Duminy, Tammy Almacin and Thandie Kupe; Cindy Nell in a Hendrik Vermeulen dress and hubby Clive Roberts. Below: Actors Mark Bayly and Aidan Whytock; Brand On PR’s Brandon McLeod, fashion blogger Jasna Zellerhof and celeb reporter Clayton Morar.

Initially, I’d freaked out as my long dress plan didn’t work out and I ended up in a short lacy cocktail dress. Fortunately, there were loads of other meisies in kort rokkies so I didn’t stand out like a sore thumb. In fact, as it turned out, there were three other girls wearing the exact same freakin’ dress as me (damn ye YDE!) and my date, Aidan, took wicked joy in pointing them all out to me. All I can say is he’s very lucky he’s Cosmo’s Guy Candy of the Month (don’t you just love boys who look pretty piccies?), or he’d have had to remove my entrée fork from his thigh.

Living it up at Glamouraid
Aidan bravely grinning for the camera despite being in fear for his life.

Anyway, if you haven’t read my pre-post on the event, the run down goes like this: 12 celebs got their portraits painted by big name artists like Lionel Smit and these were auctioned off on the night to raise funds for Make A Difference (MAD) and the Chaeli Campaign.

Bollywood actress Irina Patel by Lionel Smit; muso Arno Carstens by Richard Scott and actress Michelle Botes by Wilma Cruise.
Bollywood actress Irina Patel by Lionel Smit; muso Arno Carstens by Richard Scott and actress Michelle Botes by Wilma Cruise.

One of the engeltjies who put it altogether was model-blogger Brigitte Willers who looked absolutely gorgeous in a black lacy Kobus Dippenaar gown.

Sadly, Brigitte is not standing on a box. (B, this is why I said I hate taking piccies with you ;-P)
Sadly, Brigitte is not standing on a box in this shot.

While B’s waist is about as big as my thigh but we can’t hate on her ‘cos she raised just over R570 000 for charity that night. Nice one, Brigitte, you freakin’ rock star. The gorgeous ‘heart of the ocean’-style necklace she wore also featured a rock of note and deserves its own shot.

It's an Uwe Koetter, darling.
It’s an Uwe Koetter, darling.

Entertainment-wise, Arno got up on stage after the auction and did his thing. I’d actually never seen him live before and he’s pretty impressive. I also loved watching Carol Thorns, the celloist in a bubble, who performed beforehand. She’s definitely the kind of entertainment I’ll want at my ‘double spread in Huisgenoot’ wedding when I finally snag one of the Springboks.

Love it!
Pretty, pretty!

Still, for me, the star of the show was definitely mentalist Larry Soffer. He came round to all the tables to do a few magic tricks and, because I’m a jaded old cow, my first reaction was ‘yawn’. But by the time he’d made Jasna’s glasses jump up and flip over on the table just by sweeping his hands over them, the dude had got my full attention. He then went on to fold a coin like a Cornish pastry right in front of my eyes just by rubbing it between his fingers while everyone shrieked ‘Noooooo!!!! Dude, how are you doing that?!’ Very, very impressive.

Larry Soffer and Jasna getting her mind blown.
Larry Soffer and Jasna getting her mind blown.

In between a delish three-course meal that consisted of the choice of a very tender fillet and the tastiest salmon I’ve had in ages (so tasty that Aidan wolfed down two of them), we got to watch the auction, expertly handled by Ariella Kruper.


Oooh! And did I tell you that each champagne glass had a ‘diamond’ in it? After downing each glass, you could keep the diamond and evaluators would come around later to see if yours happened to be the real deal as opposed to glass. Aidan and I made big plans to flog our winning diamond and buy lots of shoes for me and a bag of slap chips from Steers for him (or at least that’s how I choose to remember it) but, alas, we didn’t win and I was merely left over with a pretty piece of glass and a thumping hangover. Totally worth it though, as I had a lovely time.

Can we get a refund on table 25 please?
Can we get a refund on table 25 please?

A big thank you to Brigitte for having me. I’m very proud to have such a (tall), beautiful friend with a big ass heart o’ gold and still can’t get over how much money you managed to raise for two very good causes. Love ya biets!

Love, love


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