So let’s talk about Fairlady’s Beauty Blogger competition and why I’m not in it

So, I’ve had several people ask me why I’m not taking part in this year’s Fairlady beauty blog competition and most have gone as far to shriek ‘OMG, I can’t believe they snubbed you! Stomp, hiss, rage. Please allow me to murder someone there on your behalf. My boyfriend is good with a spanner…’

While I appreciate any assumed outrage on my part, please know that I didn’t enter the competition. I have absolutely nothing against it; I’m just not bothered to compete.
Also, I’m not very likely to win as my brand isn’t particularly ‘Fairlady’. I like to say things like ‘Oh hey girls! So I got COMPLETELY FUCKED UP on champagne the other night, fell asleep in my make-up and broke out. But never fear, I’m going to show you bitches how I fixed it! Oh! And look! Here’s a shot of me blind drunk at a launch giving Cosmo’s Guy Candy of the Month a lap dance!’

It should be quite clear that I’m not particularly Fairlady-like, I know you love me and I totes love you all back. So everything’s cool, okay? If you’ve scheduled a bag of flaming pooh to be delivered to their doorstep, please cancel that ASAP. I’m particularly fond of their beauty editor (Hoezit Kelli, my slang sister!) and wouldn’t want her to get her mooi skoene dirty.

Now go be a darling and pop on over the site and vote for your favourite beauty blogger (aside from me *hair flick, head toss*), most of which are my friends. You’ve got some very nice options to choose from.

Love, love


8 thoughts on “So let’s talk about Fairlady’s Beauty Blogger competition and why I’m not in it

  1. At least you now know your minions are loyal hahahaha!! You are very gracious for not entering and just demolishing the competition – shame!

  2. Hey Leigh – you are gracious sista! and honest! so that does make you little FAIRLADY! But good on you for putting it out there… Everyone has their place and it is good to know that you know where your’s is and and that you are cool with it. I happen to think you are pretty sharp despite the blonde hair, occasional binge-drinking and spontaneous lap-dancing!

  3. I am so glad you did not enter, you are the BEST and love your blog as you down to earth and let us know the way it is!!! When I am thinking of buying something I don’t want false information! So thank you for an awesome blog, just love it!

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