Avon Speed Dry + nail polish is awesome, just so you know

Avon calling!

I attended an Avon launch the other day and got a sneak preview of some of the new and exciting stuff they’ll be launching as the year rolls out. While I can’t say too much just yet, trust me when I tell you their soon-to-launch eye shadows are utterly fabulous.

In the meantime, I want to let you know how impressed I am with their Speed Dry + nail colours. It’s not a new product but I happened to find one in my goodie bag after the event and decided to give it a bash.

AVON Speed Dry nail polish in Orange You Quick
AVON Speed Dry + nail polish in Orange You Quick, R87,95.

Yes, I know, the colour doesn’t quite suit me but I loved that the two coats I slicked on were ‘touch dry’ within less than two minutes. So much so I could enough for me to gather up my stuff, run out the door and drive to a launch without a single smudge!

Even better? Despite not using a top coat, the colour looked nice and shiny and remained chip-free for two whole days. For someone who types as much as I do, this is very, very good. Like crazy good.

Anyway, if you’re buying AVON, consider adding a Speed Dry + nail colour into the mix; it’s a total gem.

To check out the company’s latest product brochure online pop on over here.

Love, love


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