So I’m back… almost!

Hello, hello!

I’m finally back from France but might need another holiday to recover from all the backlog I’ve had to chop through in the last few days. Once that’s sorted I’ll start reaming out the posts; just give me a bit of a breather.

Holiday-wise, I had a fab time for the most part (lots of sun, cheese, butter, cream and booze…) but was stricken with a hideous cold. Sitting in a very sexy beach bar with snot pouring out your face isn’t really conducive to living le glam le vie.

Pretty pretty Saint Tropez...
Pretty pretty Saint Tropez…


Very very pretty...
Very very pretty…

Anyway, I’ve now returned with a tan I can’t show off (damn ye Cape Town winter) but am secretly a bit glad as my ass needs some serious treadmill time.

Chat soon!

Love, love


UPDATE: I’ve had a lot of people ask me why Playboy SA superphotographer Leah Hawker was with me.

Leah is now like my parent’s favourite child. I kind of hate her a bit.

She shot my sister’s second SA wedding and Mands fell in love with her awesomeness so she flew her up to snap wedding number three. She’s now kind of like the unofficial van den Berg family photographer and we like to drag her around and have her take piccies of us doing random stuff while screaming ‘Photoshop my arm to look thin, you bitch!’ A terrible gig, but I don’t think she minds too much.

Hate you/love you Leah!

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