Catching up with hair care brand Moroccanoil

Bestselling hair care brand Moroccanoil held a launch in Cape Town the other day where myself and fellow ‘beauties’ got to meet the uber-charming Steven Turpin, their international educator.

Don't you think Steve looks a bit like American Pie's Stifler?
Don’t you think Steve looks a bit like American Pie’s Stifler?

Steven says Moroccanoil made a bit of a splash at this year’s fashion weeks overseas and was used to create the hairstyles seen in shows by Alice + Olivia, Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera, Paul Smith and more. You can check out a behind the scenes video over here.

Moroccanoil’s latest baby, their volumising mousse, was pretty much the star of the show along with Steven’s personal Moroccanoil obsession, Luminous hairspray. He loves that it’s lightweight, non-sticky and gives hair a healthy-looking shine. Like the serums, both products are infused with argan-oil.

Moroccanoil Volumising mousse and Luminous hair spray, R295 each.

I also discovered these boys:

Moroccanoil do scalp treatments to balance  oily and dry scalps; who knew?
Surprise! Moroccanoil do scalp treatments (R260 each) to balance oily and dry scalps. Who knew?

Oh! And did I mention celeb guests Liezel van der Westhuizen, Natalie Becker and Jeannie D were on the scene? All three of these vrouens have fabulous hair so I made a point of asking them what Morocconoil goodies they like best. As it turns out, Liezel, who has fine hair like me, is a fan of Moroccanoil Light (R405) while Natalie, who’s got thicker hair, prefers the original (also R405). Jeannie, however, has very thick, naturally curly hair so she’s a fan of the brand’s Intense Hydrating hair mask (R305).

I actually took a shot of all three of them standing together but the picture quality turned out to be a bit kak. Worse yet, in each shot, two of them looks totes amaze while one looks less than glam via a squint of iets. As I’ve decided I like all three of them too much to decide who gets to take one for the team and endure a crappy shot, I’ve made this snappy li’l collage:

Yes girls, my Picasa skills be illz.
Yes girls, my Picasa skills be illz.

Upon leaving, we all got a spoilicious Moroccanoil goodie bag that included the Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner (R225 each) and the aforementioned Intense Hydrating mask. (I’m sure Jeannie threw up an air punch upon peeking into her sakkie.)

I’ve given everything in the bag a bash but my favourite Moroccanoil product is still their Hydrating styling cream (R305).

Love you baby.
Love you baba.

To me, it does all the things I expect of either serum – it detangles my fine, knot-prone hair; makes it feel super soft when it dries and leaves it with a healthy-looking sheen – but I can apply it quite liberally and not have to worry about weighing my locks down. Oooh! And did I mention that it smells freakin’ fantastic? Morocconoil’s musky-minty scent has certainly grown on me. You can read my full review on it over here.

Now tell me, have you tried any Morocconoil goodies? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Love, love


Moroccanoil is sold at selected salons. To find one in your area call the distributor, Twincare, on (011) 305 1600. I’ve also seen that you can buy them online from local e-tailer  

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3 thoughts on “Catching up with hair care brand Moroccanoil

  1. So eager to hear how well the oil-balancing scalp treatments work! Anyone out there used it that can rate it for me? Seriously need to balance the oily scalp and kroes dry ends I have! My stylist says it’s just coz I have long, thick hair and that everyone’s hair gets oily after 2 days but I seriously only wanna wash my hair like once a week if I can coz it’s a total mission! Meh 😦

  2. The Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine spray is amaaaaaaziiiiiing! It’s the only post-styling product I use now. If you like curling your hair with a curling iron, spray it lightly on the bottom half of your hair, it separates the curls beautifully without making your hair look oily. If you don’t like the separated curls look, just brush through with a paddle brush and your hair will have the most gorgeous shine!

    I also like their Moroccan Oil treatment in Light as I have fine hair and found the normal version is a bit too heavy for my locks…

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