Batiste dry shampoo has two new variants; Cherry and Paisely

How much do we freakin’ love Batiste dry shampoo? I use it almost every day regardless of whether my hair feels greasy or not as I’m addicted to the lift it gives my roots. Addicted! Along with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation and Famous Dave’s self tanning mousse it’s a pre-launch party staple. You’ll find the little travel-size cans in every handbag, my gym bag and glove box. I can’t gush enough as to the awesome of this product.

Anyway, Batiste is now available in two new variants; Cherry and Paisley.

Pretty, pretty!
Pretty, pretty!

Cherry is a soft, sweet, unobtrusive scent – like subtle, powdery cherries that makes me think of a Tinkerbelle lippie I had as a kid. I’d happily buy it as I love the can’s design. So pretty, so girly, so retro, so awesome.

Paisley is less pretty-looking but was designed to smell like a regte perfume with top, middle and basenote that include citrus, jasmine, rose, apple, raspberry, patchouli, musk, vanilla and caramel. Quite the mix there Batiste! On me, however, it just smells like a clean, light floral with the slightest, teensiest hint of vanilla.

Are you as big a Batiste fan as I am? I’m happy to use all of them really but most like the original one as it just smells clean and fresh. Do you have a particular favourite?

Love, love


11 thoughts on “Batiste dry shampoo has two new variants; Cherry and Paisely

  1. Where can I purchase this Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation and is it suitable for everyday use? Also, where can I purchase Baptiste. Love you posts, Leigh. It makes my every day 🙂

    1. Ag dankie man.

      Batiste is exclusive to Clicks and you can’t get Giorgio Armani cosmetics in SA. Haven’t bought them online before; I tend to pick up a bottle at Sephora when I’m overseas or get my little sis who lives in France to get it for me. You can definitely wear it everyday. I just use it sparingly as its expensive and difficult to get hold of locally.

      1. Ag plesier man.
        Aaah, you so blessed to have a Sis that can get you the good stuff. Could you possibly recommend a great foundation, that is available in SA, Leigh?
        I’ll defo go pick up a bottle of Batiste at Clicks!

    1. Hi Zee! I don’t think you can get it anywhere locally. I always pick up my bottle from Sephora or a duty free when I travel. Your best bet would be to buy a bottle from a cosmetics site that delivers globally but you’d have to know your colour. The shade names are mostly weird half numbers. For example, I’m a 4,5 or something.

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