Lanvin Me Eau De Parfum review

French fashion house Lanvin have just launched a new perfume, simply titled Lanvin Me.

Lanvin Me EDT
Lanvin Me Eau De Parfum

Being a jaded, evil cow, my first thought was that this is the scent for the newly single girl after getting divorced from the dude she used to run around with while wearing the brand’s previous scent, Marry Me. However, Lanvin reckon it’s for anyone woman who’s unique, unpretentious, spontaneous, elegant and confident. She also likes her jewels and that’s expressed via a pretty li’l gem stone on a golden chain that’s afixed to the front of the bottle.

Lanvin Me: Narcissism never looked so darn pretty.

Juice-wise, Lanvin Me is a fruity floral that opens with sparkly mandarin orange and juicy blueberry before revealing a licorice and rose heart on a bed of sandalwood.

I spritzed it on my wrist about two hours ago, shoved it under the nose of a friend who is a boy and he immediately picked up on the mandarin and licorice which is impressive. Usually men just go ‘ja, that’s nice, hey’. Perhaps the fact that this one is big into wine helps him pick up on individual notes.

I also got the opinions of my flatmate Kim and her sister Tatum. Kim reckons it’s ‘soft and sensual and pretty’ while Tat thinks its ‘different, mysterious and sexy’. She reckons it’s the fragrance of someone who dares to be different and starts her own trends. Kim envisions a well heeled, no nonesense business woman who’s still feminine.

To me, I get the mandarin and licorice and the faintest drop of blueberry. It then turns into something soft and woody with just a hint of powder. In this way it reminds just the teensiest bit of Lolita Lempicka and Diesel Loverdose, albeit a much more sophiticated version of the latter. It’s really quite subtle so its the kind of thing I’d wear during the day; an easy to wear spritz on and go type of scent that could take you anywhere; from the office to a Saturday morning running errands.

Despite being slightly sweet, it’s not too young and doesn’t lack sophistication. I could totally see it being worn by one of those French women who manage to carry off casual chic with brown ballet flats and a silk scarf.

Have you given Lanvin Me a sniff? If so, tell me what you think in the comments section. You’ll find the fragrance at selected Truworths, Edgars, Woolies and Stuttaford stores right now going for R495 for 30mls, R695 for 50mls and R995 for 80mls.

Love, love


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  1. Hi Leigh! Hope you doing well lovely lady! Oh, can I please ask for your insight. Do you know anything about Diesel perfumes? If so, which is your favorite one? Or which one would you suggest. I love the perfumes you like, so I would appreciate your suggestion immensely!

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