POND’S Flawless Radiance All-In-One Even Tone Expert BB Cream review

Yes, there’s yet another BB Cream in town and this time it hails from POND’S in the form of their Flawless Radiance All-In-One Even Tone Expert BB Cream, R89,99.

POND'S BB Cream in Chocolate.
POND’S BB Cream in Chocolate.

The BB’s were launched at a delish media brekkie that included a help-yourself sweetie display and I wasted no time in creating a box that pretty much bulged with sugared almonds and coconut ice, two of my biggest vices.

Damn you POND'S. Love you POND'S!
Damn you POND’S. Love you POND’S.

POND’S new BB Cream is available in two shades, Beige and Chocolate. The latter was specially formulated for ethnic skin in South Africa for South African women. They promise to help prevent and fade pigmentation with vitamin B3 and an SPF of 30 (nice one!) and contain soothing allantion, antioxidant vitamin E and ‘super optics’ to reflect light in a way that flatters.

Formulation-wise, I love they’ve managed to work in such a high SPF without this resulting in a BB that leaves a white or grey caste on your skin. I also appreciate that the vitamin B3 (niacinamide) content is nice and high, at a concentration that’ll actually help make a difference.

Colour-wise, the paler BB is a yellow-based shade that should suit most pale complexions and overs a little bit of coverage. The Chocolate shade, however, is interesting in that, despite looking very dark at first squeeze, is actually so sheer when you blend it in that even I can wear it.

On good skin days, I don’t really need much coverage but like foundations/tinted moisturisers that offer a bit of a ‘tint’ to hide the fact that I’m so God damned pale I’ve actually worn the Chocolate shade out and about. It reminds me of one of those ‘magic custom shade’ foundations that are so sheer that they suit a myriad of skin tones.

On the left are the shades when you first apply them and on the right they've been blended in.
On the left are the shades when you first apply them and on the right they’ve been blended in with just my finger. You’ll see that Chocolate is unbelievably sheer.

Both BB’s are ‘liquid-y’ enough and contain a fair amount of silicone so you can get away with spreading them around on your skin without a moisturiser but I wouldn’t rely on it to replace them unless you had a very oily skin type. With my combination skin, I’ve found that I can easily wear either of POND’S BB’s applied over a hydrating serum or light moisturiser and didn’t feel overtly dewy in the least.

In all, either of POND’S BB’s would be nice picks for anyone who wasn’t hung up on coverage but enjoys a hint or a tint and wants their make-up to contribute in their fight against pigmentation.

Have you tried POND’S new BB creams? What are your thoughts? Chat to me in the comments section.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “POND’S Flawless Radiance All-In-One Even Tone Expert BB Cream review

  1. Wow all of a sudden all the western beauty houses are releasing BB creams, difficult to choose which one to try, maybe a comparison on a few of them would be helpful? I see L’oreal is also bringing one out, and I read good things about Olay so I am keen to try that one, use Garnier now and again (read about it on your blog and got it) but if I use it everyday I break out.
    They are definitely all really well priced. I would love to try an asian one.

  2. my skin tone is of whitish golden n i use regular ponds bb white beauty as regular cream it is nice coverage but the thing is it is not of my skin tone so its making my skin darker..i wanna ask whether this flawless white bb is suitable for mine? and are these creams available in hyderabad,india

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