Nail goddess Chi Chi created a Lipglossgirl nail art design using new Revlon Brilliant Strength nail enamel

Revlon have just launched a new nail colour called Brilliant Strength. It boasts a built in base and top coat and promises to help protect your nails from breaking and brittleness.

From left to right; Revlon Brilliant Strength nail enamel in Inflame, Intrigue and Enamor.

I was given a few shades to play with and most enjoyed wearing Intrigue, a sky blue hue with a slight shimmer.

Forgive the messy paint job on my index finger, I was in a rush.

I liked that it went on nice and easy, dried fast and then lasted a good two days without chipping even without a top coat. This is impressive for me as I type, type, type and open cans of Coke Lite with wild abandon. The finish was also nice and shiny too. Oh! And this is very random but the polish has a subtle pear scent. It’s not billed as a scented nail colour but if you’ve got a sensitive nose, you’ll definitely pick up on pear as you’re polishing.

To promote the launch, Revlon had their nail artist extraordinaire, Chi Chi, create a custom nail art design just for me. She arrived at my flat with the goal of grabbing a snap of me in an outfit that would inspire the art. Thing is, I work from home so I’d just jumped out of a midday bath (this is how you roll when your ‘office’ is your couch) and was clad in a bath robe.

Chi Chi: ‘Oh gosh, I needed to snap your outfit.’
Me: ‘Oooh, awkward. Could you just snap me in this and be all “Oh well, she wasn’t dressed. What could I do”?’
Chi Chi: ‘Um. I guess’.

This is how she came to possess a shot of me in a robe, something I thought could be quirky and fun but, in actually fact, made me look like one of those alcoholic stay at home moms who hide a bottle of Jack from their hubby in the toilet cistern. I was also boasting wet, matted-looking locks and was seriously overweight in the under eye baggage department. Not a good look and the reason why I was quick to ask that Chi Chi not print, tweet or share the pic on any platform. And I wasn’t subtle. I think my exact words were ‘Delete that pic right now or I’ll rip out your eyes!’ (I know, I know. I’m a delight. People just love to work with me.)

So, while Chi Chi didn’t get her shot that day, I did manage to send her a pic where I wasn’t drunkenly hanging off a friend’s shoulder or pulling a stupid face and she used it to create this bespoke nail design.

The dude who's been cropped out the shot is actor Blaire Underwood. He's a total sweetie.
The dude who’s been cropped out the shot is actor Blaire Underwood. (Yup, the guy from LA Law.) He’s a total sweetie.

I fully expected the artwork to feature blood – or at least ‘Lipglossgirl’s a total bitch’ stencilled across the thumb nail but surprise, surprise, Chi Chi’s a total pro. Or possibly scared to death of me.

Thank you Chi Chi, I love your work.

To see Chi Chi’s full Lipglossgirl nail tutorial, pop on over to her website over here. Otherwise, look out for Revlon’s new Brilliant Strength nail enamels in stores come May. They’ll be going for R89,95 a pop.

Love, love


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