now have their very own Beautybox

So it would seem that beauty sample boxes are kind of exploding. Even online fashion, beauty (and now home decor!) store has one now; Style36 Beautybox.

I was sent one yesterday and thought the content was pretty good:

Apologies for the slightly blurry cell cam pic.

See that Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking powder sample? At first thought it was an eye shadow and nearly passed it on to my flatmate. I’m glad I clicked ‘cos it’s actually a lovely mattifier. Even though the brand is aimed at darker skin tones it goes on translucent so it’ll suit sommer anyone. Only the lippie sample was lost on me ‘cos the shade, Bon Bon, was the colour of a Lindt chocolate bunny.

As for those Bioderma minis, they made my day ‘cos I totally LOVE the brand. I scored a mini SPF 5o face cream that I’m now dying to try, a soothing cream for dry skin and a ‘lotion’ which is essentially a skin calming toner. Initially, I thought it was a mini version of Sensibio’s H2O Cleanser make-up remover which is one of my absolute must-have staples. I then tweeted as much, so appologies for any confusion. Still, I see that several versions of the box will be going out and one of them contains the cleanser so here’s hoping you get to try it. Honestly, it is The Business. If you don’t get the box that contains it, just go out and buy it blind. If you hate it (but you won’t) feel free to tweet abuse at me. (I’m @lipglossgirl. Most of the time I reply, but sometimes I’m busy fiddling with hot model/actor boys. Or gorging on Pronutro for Toddlers, my new fave snack food, which is actually kind of sad and gross.)

Also in the mix? A SKNLOGIC Boost with apple extract night cream. It’s essentially a mix of hydrating ingredients with a dash of antioxidants, namely apple extract and vitamin E. It says that it’s for ‘mature skin’ but there’s nothing stopping pretty much anyone who wants a little more moisture.

Last, but not least, you’re looking at a Uriage eau thermale gentle total exfoliant for face and body. I haven’t actually tried this out in the bath or shower yet, just my hand, but was impressed with its graininess. It’ll do a nice job of exfoliating my face and chest. (When it comes to the rest of my bod I like to scour it to the max with my beloved Sh’Zen cellulite busting sponge. Does it zap cellulite? Flip, I don’t know. I just get spongier as the years roll by but it does do a killer good job of stripping off old self-tan.)

Anyway, if you’re keen on beauty samples in a box you now have an new option to consider. Each box costs R95 and is delivered to your doorstep for free. If you pre-order now, you’ll get it delivered from the 25th of this month. Then, if you tweet about your box (@style36_co_za #Beauty36) or share it on Facebook (style36) you could be one of the lucky few that Style36 picks to recieve a beauty related prize.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


4 thoughts on “ now have their very own Beautybox

  1. I pray I get the Bioderma Sensibio H2O cleanser! It was the one thing that looked truly good to me. And maybe the exfoliator. I guess next week will tell whether I receive a brown lipstick or something great.

  2. I love the Uriage exfoliator! It’s lovely and grainy but doesn’t make your skin feel dry or sensitive afterwards. And it’s great value- R150 for big squeeze tube, which lasts me about 2 months and I am addicted to exfoliating! I get the cleanser in that range as well and it works really well- I have sensitive but oily skin- go figure!

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