L’Oreal Paris Elvive Triple Resist shampoo and conditioner review

So there’s yet another Elvive variant on the shelf; Triple Resist with arginine and protein.

Looking ferosh, JLo!
Looking ferosh, JLo!

Arginine, as it turns out, is an amino acid found in keratin, a protein that makes up your hair. L’Oreal reckons dousing your hair in extra arginine helps it ‘grow more resistant’, making it less likely to break and fall out. Ideally, it’s for someone who wants to strengthen and fortify their hair so it’s less likely to snap and fall when you brush it.

Honestly, I don’t struggle with hair that’s prone to breakage but le flat mate and I adore this shampoo all the same. Kim had sort of gone off Elvive for a bit as she’d tried the Colour Protect line (the red range) and found it left her hair feeling ‘coated’ and ‘heavy’. Triple Resist, however, leaves both our locks feeling and looking fab.

To me, something about its fresh, almost citrusy scent and texture reminds me of their Nutri-gloss with pearl protein range (the pink line). I like how it makes my hair super easy to brush while it’s still wet. Then, when it dries, it’s bouncy, shiney and silky-feeling. In a way, I feel like it’s giving me the results of a heavy repairative treatment but leaves my hair feeling nice and light, as though I’ve used a much lighter conditioner.

Nice one L’Oreal, this is great!

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Triple Resist shampoo and conditioner are R39,95 each for 200 and 250 ml respectively. A masque and conditioning spray are also available for R69,95 a pop.

Love, love


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