A little Valentine’s Day gift inspirasie for girls who’d sooner die than receive a teddy bear mug

It’s time to talk Valentine’s Day! And yes, I know you’re sick to death of every store trying to sell you some wanky heart-shaped choccie on a stick or, worse yet, something like this:

Surprise! You're dating a 12 year old!
Surprise! You’re dating a 12 year old!

Still, I’m going to add to all the societal pressure to crack and buy heart-addled shit by showing you a li’l round up of the more worthwhile V-day goodies that have crossed my path over the last few weeks so let’s get stuck right in.

First up, how much do we love this gorgeous limited edition Charlotte Rhys scented candle?

Charlotte Rhys limited edition heart perfumed candle, R160.
Charlotte Rhys limited edition heart perfumed candle, R160.

In my mind’s eye, Charlotte Rhys has always been very chic, sophisticated and, dare I say it, a bit ‘safe’, so this quirky-looking candle, what with its irreverant li’l hearts is such a nice surprise. Every single girlfriend who’s stopped by my apartment since I got it has picked it up an gone ‘ooooh! I love this’, followed by ‘Charlotte Rhys?! Really?!’

Scent-wise, it’s available in seventeen different fragrances. Mine is Spring Flowers and it makes me feel like I have fresh-cut blooms in the house every time I light it up. I’ve just popped onto their website and see they have other ‘yum’ brand scented candles and one of the variants is ‘Coconut Ice’. That’s like one of my favourite things in the world so I’m now dying to smell that too.

Another beautifully scented gift idea is anything from Soil’s new Sensual Hibiscus line. (If you didn’t know, Soil is proudly South African and certified organic.) I was given their Sensual soy wax melts that smell like ylang ylang, sweet orange and patchouli.

Soil Sensual soy wax melts, R50,
Soil Sensual soy wax melts, R50,

If you’ve got an aromatherapy burner, you simply pop a melt into the dish and it’ll fill your entire room with their scent. Seriously. Your room will smell like Wellness Warehouse for days! The best bit, however, is that as soy wax has a lower melting point than regular wax, it’s safe to drip all over your bod. This way, you can give your lastest plaything a Body of Evidence style massage and not end up in the burn unit of Christiaan Barnard hospital. Always a good thing.

UPDATE: Chantelle from Soil has told me that as their wax melts contain 6% essential oils it could irritate sensitive skin which is why they don’t advise using it on your body as an on label use. For the record, I’ve been merrily melting these babies up and rubbing the oil on my cuticles and legs without any dramz whatsoever. But hey, maybe that’s just me, living on the edge. So if you do the same and your skin flares up and peels off in strips feel free to sue me as opposed to Soil.

I’m also obsessed with Lush in the V&A and adore their Soft Coer heart-shaped massage bar (R65). It starts to melt the moment it makes contact with your skin and smells like white chocolate. I love to rub it all over my knees, ankles and toes on especially chilly evenings to fend off dry, winter skin.

I'm not ashamed to admit I took a teensy curious bite out of the chocolate bit and it tasted surprisingly good.
I’m not ashamed to admit I took a teensy, curious bite out of the chocolate bit and it tasted surprisingly good.

Make-up-wise, there are some especially pretty palettes floating around right now, one of them being this boy:

Stila All you need is love blush palette, R160
Stila All you need is love blush palette, R150.

I love Stila and am thrilled the brand’s finally available in South Africa. While it’s currently sitting in selected Woolies’ stores only, small town girls can get their mitts on their goodies if they shop online.

Another adorbsville heart-riddled compact to look out for isn’t on the shelves just yet so consider this a sneak peek:

How much do we want that mooi heart-riddled compact?
How much do we want that mooi heart-riddled beauty powder?

MAC’s upcoming Archie’s Girls collection is inspired by Betty and Veronica. The items shown above are just a small sampling of the range; it’s actually huge and boasts especially divine lippies, lip glosses and blush. If you’re a MAC limited edition slet like I am do yourself a favour and clicky clicky over here to see the full line up with swatches.

Last but not least, if you love to get your spa on, you’ll know that February’s great in that every second salon runs some rad V-day special. Many of them are couples related so you can drag your man (and his credit card) along or abuse the system by rocking up with your bestie.

Just yesterday I was spoiled by the Equinox Spa in Cape Royale who treated me to the most amazing soy candle full body massage. I got to lie in a super dark room while my therapist poured warm molten raspberry vanilla soy wax all over my bod. It was like a head to toe deep conditioning treatment for my skin and smelled good enough to eat.

Pretty, pretty!

This particular massage is just part of their current couples package; for R1 600 (R800 per person) you’ll get a two-hour spa session that includes that same heavenly rub down as well as a hot stone foot massage, scalp massage plus a hot compress followed by a fruit platter and a glass of bubbly. This runs for all of February but is booking up fast, so if you’re keen get in there quick.

I actually wrote a more detailed review about Equinox’s signature hot candle massage a while back in another blog post, to read more about that pop on over here.

Another spa I adore is Ey Spa, an authentic Thai spa, just outside the V&A.

At last, a Thai spa that doesn't look tacky.
At last, a Thai spa that doesn’t look tacky.

They do the best foot massages I’ve ever had in Cape Town and that’s now become the standard birthday gift I give all my girlfriends; it’s that good!

These are their current specials:

Thai Foot Massage & Thai Back and Shoulder Massage for R680 per person
Traditional Thai Massage with Hot Compress & Spa Deluxe Pedicure for R690 per  person
Nimue Facial & Spa Deluxe Pedicure for R680 per person
Comfort Zone Aromasoul Massage & Nimue Facial for  R810 per person

They run from the 11th to the 16th only, so if you’re interested best you pick up the phone.

So ja. That’s that. I hope you’ve spotted something that floats your boat and that, coupled up or not, you all have a fabulous Valentine’s Day without a single plastic rose in sight. I know I’m especially excited about this one.

Love, love (and li’l extra love),


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