Oooh, I’m so glad to have met you: Cherubs mini wet wipes

A parcel arrived the other day and I ripped it open going ‘oooh, I hope this one’s also got chocolate in it!’ (it is the run up to Valentine’s Day…) and, upon discovering it contained a couple of wet wipes I was all ‘meh, whatevs’ and tossed it aside. (Let it be known I don’t defend myself when referred to as a spoiled cow.)

Little did I know how much Cherubs wet wipes would change my life:

Cherubs wet wipes. Each pack fits into the palm of your hand.
Cherubs wet wipes. Each pack fits into the palm of your hand and contains ten wipes.

Since popping a pack of wipes into all my favourite handbags and glove box, I’m reaching for them all the time. I’ve used them wipe off my eye make-up before passing out on a friend’s couch… clean sticky fingers on the run… freshen up under my arms… clean up a gross-looking keyboard (that wasn’t mine!). Wet wipes have always been part of my (giant) make-up bag but now that I’ve always got these super handy minis on me, I can find a million uses for them.

Variant-wise, you’re looking at anti-bacterial wipes (R6,99), wipes for sensitive skin (R6,99), a biodegradeable ‘eco-care’ option (R8,99) and Comfitex Flushable Feminine Wipes (R9,99), all in packs of ten. To be honest though, I don’t pay any attention to what type they are… I’m happy to use the sensitive wipes on my hands, le vag wipes on my face, whatevs. I don’t have sensitive skin so I’m not afraid to live on the edge.

But seriously girls, why didn’t someone else think of this earlier or have I just been living under a rock? These mini wet wipe packs make my life easier almost every single day. The press release says they’re available from leading retailers. I’m not too sure who all that includes but the next time I spot them I’ll be snapping them up in bulk.

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

3 thoughts on “Oooh, I’m so glad to have met you: Cherubs mini wet wipes

  1. You’ve def been under a rock hun. These are a permanent fixture in my handbag and glove compartment. Only thing is that I think a pack of 10 is a little bit wasteful on packaging really- the ones I get are usually 20’s I think. anyhow, they ARE awesome. 🙂

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