A closer look at Revlon’s Shanghai Collection with swatches

Revlon’s new Shanghai Collection has just hit the shelves. It was created by über make-up artist Gucci Westman and draws inspiration from the East.

How much do we love Emma Stone? Love her!
How much do we love Emma Stone? She’s like a prettier, non-cracked out Lindsay Lohan.

While its still sunny and hot down south, it’s fall in the states which is why the shades are kind of dark and wintery. Still, there’s nothing stopping you from snapping up anything you like and wearing it later on. Or even rocking it now; I mean it’s not like your face is going to explode if you decide to rock an aubergine eye in spring. (But it might, and this is me totally indemnifying myself from that…)

Anyway, here’s a look at some of the goodies:

Cream eye shadow palette in Midnight Express (R120); Top Speed nail enamels in Forbidden, and 24K (R89,95 each); lippies in Cherry Blossom (standing up) and Red Lacquer (lying down). There are also two other nail polishes and another lippie (R99,95) that aren’t pictured.

The intended ‘hero’ of the collection is the cream shadow palette which comes with six jewel-toned shades. I attempted to create the smokey eye that Emma’s is wearing but ended up looking like I’d been punched in the face. However, when I wore them two or three at a time as opposed to all together they looked pretty striking.

I’m wearing the purple shade on my lid, gold in the crease, the pearly highlighter on my brow bone and a bit of the black on my lashline.

Still, I struggled to prevent them from creasing up and sticking around, even with a slick of primer, which is a pity.

Nail-wise, the collection includes four Top Speed Fast Dry nail enamels and I got three of them to play with; Forbidden (dark red), 24K (gold) and Sterling (silver). These were all great. Top Speed is my favourite nail line from Revlon ‘cos the colours really do dry lightening fast and still look shiny and fresh. You can also pick up a special nail art stencil to jazz up all your nails or just create a single accent nail.

I’m quite proud of that shot of the three shades melting together. It was totally worth le flatmate stripping her moer about the fact that I created it while working off of her fancy all white coffee table.

Last but not least, the Shanghai collection boasts three lippies; Pink Pearl (mauvy pearlised pink), Red Lacquer (orange red) and Cherry Blossom (blue-toned medium red). I was given the latter and rather like it.

Is this the face of a girl who's going to fuck up your coffee table?
Is this the face of a girl who’s going to destroy your coffee table?

I like that it brightens up my face, doesn’t feel ‘too red’ which means I’d feel comfy wearing it in the day and contains enough blue undertones to create a whiter-looking smile. All good things.

To check out the full collection, pop into a store like Edgars, Edgars Red Square or Clicks.

Love, love


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10 thoughts on “A closer look at Revlon’s Shanghai Collection with swatches

  1. Your photos are beautiful! I love that red nail colour. Is it similar to Vixen? I had a long, long love affair with Vixen but now prefer Essie’s Wicked which is a bit similar. Dark red looks good on me when I’m both pale and dark.

    1. I did think of Vixen when I saw it (also used to love that shade, it was the first ‘cult’ nail polish colour I ever owned) but it’s much less dark. Vixen is kind of like a black red but this is more a very deep dark cherry. If you own a Vixen-like shade or Wicked already, you could totally justify picking up this one too; there’s enough of a shade difference.

  2. Quick edit, you left out the word ‘hit’ in the first line. I love the nails, and the fact you manage to have such flawless skin and hair. Won’t bother with creasing up eyeshadow although the photo looks good! Might try the nail polish or lipstick though.

    1. Well spotted! Thanks for that, I just fixed it now. Ja, I wouldn’t buy the eye shadow. It looks great on, but only for a matter of minutes. The dark cherry coloured polish is a nice winter pick. Reckon it would look great on a pale set of toes.

  3. Lovely post Leigh! I’ve used more than half my bottle of Forbidden trying different types of nail art, I’ll be sad when it finishes.

    Haha, I also just read your comments from the 7 Deadly sins post.. Chi Chi also apparently means breasts in Japanese and there’s a giant panda somewhere in the world named Chi Chi as well…

  4. Nice article 🙂 🙂

    It is just a pity that the nailpolish colour seems so vastly different to the promo picture. Or is it just me?

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